By Tim Lambert

Early Bolivia

c 400 BC The city of Tiahuanaco is founded

700 AD Tiahuanaco rules an empire in Bolivia

c 1000 AD The empire breaks up

1533 The Spaniards conquer Bolivia

1545 Silver is discovered in Bolivia

1548 La Paz is founded

1780 The indigenous people of Bolivia rebel

1782 The rebellion is crushed

1809 Bolivia rebels against Spanish rule

Modern Bolivia

1825 Bolivia becomes independent

1836 The president tries to unite Bolivia with Peru but the attempt fails

1879 The War of the Pacific begins between Chile and Bolivia and Peru

1884 Bolivia loses a strip of coast she controlled and becomes a landlocked country

1899 Liberals in Bolivia rise in rebellion

1920 The Conservatives stage a coup in Bolivia

1932-35 Bolivia fights a war with Paraguay

1936 Army officers stage a coup in Bolivia

1943 Another coup takes place

1946 A rebellion takes place

1952 Another rebellion occurs in Bolivia

1964 The army stages another coup

1982 Hernando Siles becomes president of Bolivia

2005 Evo Morales is elected president of Bolivia

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