By Tim Lambert

10,000 BC The first human beings enter Brazil

1,000 BC Some people in Brazil begin farming

1500 AD Pedro Alvares Cabral lands in Brazil

1501 Amerigo Vespucci sails to Brazil

1530 The Portuguese found a colony in Brazil

1549 Salvador is made the capital of Brazil

1624 The Dutch attack Brazil

1695 Gold is discovered in Brazil

1763 Rio de Janeiro is made the capital of Brazil

1808 The king of Portugal flees to Brazil

1822 Brazil becomes independent

1840 Dom Pedro II is crowned. Coffee growing in Brazil booms.

1864-70 Brazil fights a war with Paraguay

1889 The army overthrows the monarchy and Brazil becomes a republic

1929 After the Wall Street Crash the price of coffee collapses

1937 Getulio Vargas becomes dictator of Brazil

1942 Brazil declares war on Germany

1945 The army forces Vargas to resign

1950 Vargas wins an election but he shoots himself in 1954

1960 A new capital is created at Brasilia

1964 The army stages a coup

1970s Industry in Brazil grows rapidly

1977 Trade Unions, long banned are allowed again

1985 Elections are held

2002 Luiz Inacio Lula is elected president

2011 Dilma Rousseff becomes the first woman president of Brazil

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