By Tim Lambert

Early Canada

1497 Jean Cabot sails to Newfoundland

1535 Jacques Cartier (1491-1557) sails into the St Lawrence River

1603 Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635) founds Port Royal

1608 de Champlain founds Quebec

1610 Henry Hudson discovers Hudson Bay

1642 The French found Montreal

1670 The English found the Hudson Bay Company

1685 The population of New France is about 10,000

1713 France is forced to recognize Hudson Bay and Newfoundland as British. They are also forced to cede Nova Scotia.

1740 The population of New France is about 48,000

1759 Wolfe captures Quebec

1760 The British capture Montreal

1763 The French are forced to surrender all their territory in Canada to Britain

1774 The Quebec Act allows French Canadians to keep their own religion and to keep their own criminal law

1775 Canada has a population of about 90,000. In November the Americans capture Montreal.

1776 The Americans retreat

1791 The Lawrence River Valley is divided into Upper and Lower Canada

1791-94 George Vancouver (1757-1798) sails along the west coast of Canada

1793 Alexander Mackenzie (1755-1820) crosses the continent by land and reaches the Pacific

Modern Canada

1837 A rebellion takes place in Canada

1867 The Dominion of Canada is formed

1870 Manitoba is made a province

1885 The Canadian Pacific Railway is built

1896 Gold is discovered in the Klondike region of the Yukon

1918 Women are given the right to vote in federal elections

1919 The Winnipeg General Strike is held

1921 Agnes Macphail becomes the first woman MP in Canada

1933 During the Depression unemployment in Canada reaches 23%

1939 Canada declares war on Germany

1952 Television begins in Canada

1993 Kim Campbell is the first woman prime minister of Canada

1997 Confederation Bridge opens

1999 Northwest Territories is divided into two and a new territory called Nunavut is created

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