By Tim Lambert

Famous Christians in the Early Church

C 35 AD Saul is converted and changes his name to Paul

125-202 Irenaeus Bishop of Lyons and a famous Christian writer lives

c.150-c.215 Clement of Alexandria the theologian lives

c. 69-c.155 Polycarp the famous martyr lives

c. 160-220 Tertullian the great Christian writer lives

165 Justin Martyr the Christian apologist is martyred

c. 185-254 The great theologian Origen lives

200-258 Cyprian a theologian and bishop of Carthage in North Africa lives

202 Perpetua, a wealthy and educated woman is martyred

296-373 Athanasius the great theologian lives

304 St Alban the first British Christian martyr is executed

c. 340-420 The Christian writer Jerome lives

354-430 Augustine of Hippo the great theologian lives. His writings have a great influence on the Church in the Middle Ages

c. 390-460 Patrick the missionary to Ireland lives

Famous Christians in the Middle Ages

480-540 Benedict lives. He founded the first monastery in western Europe at Monte Cassino, Italy.

521-597 Columba was a missionary to Scotland

597 Augustine lands in Kent and begins the work of converting the Anglo-Saxons of southern England to Christianity

614-680 Hilda of Whitby lives

c. 675-754 Boniface, an Englishman lives. He is a missionary to the Germans

1033-1109 Anslem the theologian lives

1098-1179 Hildegard the female theologian lives

1175 Peter Waldo, a merchant of Lyons gives his wealth to the poor and begins preaching. His followers are called Waldensians. The Waldensian movement spreads to Italy, Germany, Austria and Poland despite persecution by the Catholic Church.

1182-1226 Francis of Assisi lives. In 1210 he founds the Franciscan friars. (Friars were like monks but instead of withdrawing from the world they went out to preach).

1220 Dominic de Guzman founds the Dominican friars

1225-1275 Thomas Aquinas the famous theologian lives

1329-1384 John Wycliffe the great English reformer lives. His followers are called Lollards.

1342-1416 Julian of Norwich lives.

1415 Jan Hus the Czech reformer is martyred but his followers continue his teachings. In 1420 a crusade is launched against the Hussites but it fails.

1452-1498 The Italian reformer Girolamo Savonarola lives. He is martyred for his efforts.

1457 The Moravians are founded

Famous Christians in the 16th and 17th Centuries

1483-1546 Martin Luther the great reformer lives

1484-1531 Huldreich Zwingli the Swiss reformer lives

1489-1556 Thomas Cranmer the English martyr lives

1494-1536 William Tyndale the Bible translator and martyr lives

1497-1560 Philip Melanchthon the great reformer lives

1521-1546 Anne Askew lives. She was an English Protestant martyr

1509-1564 John Calvin the great reformer lives

1510-1572 John Knox the great Scottish reformer lives

1612-1672 Anne Bradstreet the Christian poet lives

1624-91 George Fox founder of the Society of Friends (Quakers) lives

1628-88 John Bunyan the Christian writer lives

Famous Christians in the 18th Century

1700-60 Count von Zinzendorf the Moravian lives

1703-91 John Wesley the founder of the Methodists lives

1703-58 Jonathan Edwards the American preacher lives

1714-70 George Whitefield the preacher lives

1715-1760 Anna Nitschmann, a leader of the German Moravian Movement lives

1714-73 Howell Harris the Welsh revivalist lives

1745-1833 Hannah More the Christian writer lives

1755-1831 Hannah Adams the Christian writer lives

1759-1833 William Wilberforce who campaigned against the slave trade lives

1761-1834 William Carey the evangelist to India lives

Famous Christians in the 19th Century

1806-91 Samuel Crowther the African evangelist lives

1807 The missionary Robert Morrison sails to China. Afterwards Christianity spreads in China.

1807-1874 Phoebe Palmer the evangelist lives

1813-73 David Livingstone the explorer and missionary lives

1820-1915 Fanny Crosby the hymn writer lives

Catherine Booth 1829-1890

Catherine Booth was a preacher. She married William Booth in 1855. Catherine and William founded the Salvation Army in 1865.

1832-1905 The missionary Hudson Taylor lives

1834-1892 C. H. Spurgeon the preacher lives

1837-1899 D. L. Moody the American evangelist lives

1844-1924 Maria Woodworth-Etter the evangelist lives

Famous Christians in the 20th Century

Evangeline Booth 1865-1950

From 1904 Evangeline was leader of the Salvation Army in the USA. From 1934-39 she was Commander in Chief of the Salvation Army worldwide.

Agnes Ozman 1870-1937 She was a Pentecostal evangelist

1890-1944 Aimee Semple McPherson the great evangelist lives

1898-1963 C S Lewis the Christian writer lives

1918-2018 Billy Graham lives

1929-1968 Martin Luther King lives

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