By Tim Lambert

1476 The printing press is introduced into England by Caxton

1477 Caxton prints the Canterbury Tales

1485 In England the Tudor dynasty begins. London probably has a population of 60-70,000.

The 16th Century

1509 Wallpaper is printed in England for the first time

1512 Henry VIII founds the Royal Mail for carrying royal messages

c 1525 Turkeys are introduced into England

1530 The population of England and Wales is about 3 million

1534 Henry VIII becomes supreme head of the Church of England

1565 The pencil is first mentioned

1576 The first theater in England opens

1577 William Harrison comments that for many people life is becoming more comfortable. Chimneys are becoming more common, so are soft mattresses and pewter.

1580s Potatoes are introduced into England

1596 A form of flushing lavatory is invented but the idea fails to catch on

The 17th Century

1600 The population of England and Wales is about 4 million. The population of Scotland is about 800,000.

1608 The telescope is invented

1611 The King James Bible is published

1633 Bananas are first recorded in England

1635 Charles I opens the Royal Mail to the public

1641 The first English newspaper is published

1660 The famous diarist Samuel Pepys records drinking a new drink called tea

1665 Plague strikes London

1657 The pendulum clock is invented

1689 Dissenters (Protestants who do not belong to the Church of England) are allowed freedom of worship

1694 The Bank of England is founded

The 18th Century

1702 The first daily newspaper in England is printed. The population of England and Wales is about 5 1/2 million. The population of Scotland is about 1 million.

1750 The first cricket club is formed at Hambledon

1759 Guinness is first brewed

1767 The first jigsaw puzzle is made. The first modern shower is invented.

1772 Fizzy drinks are invented. Joseph Priestley discovers a way to trap carbon dioxide in water and created carbonated water.

1775 Alexander Cumming invents a flushing toilet

1779 Samuel Crompton invents the spinning mule

1780 The Industrial Revolution begins to transform Britain

1782 A hand operated washing machine is invented

1784 Henry Cort invents the puddling process (used in making iron)

1785 The Times is first printed. Edmund Cartwright invents a loom that can be powered by a steam engine.

1792 Gas light is invented

The 19th Century

1801 The population of Britain is about 9 million

1817 The kaleidoscope is invented

1825 The first passenger railway opens between Stockton and Darlington

1826 James Sharp invents the gas stove

1832 Cholera breaks out in many towns and cities in Britain

1833 A law bans children under 9 from working in textile factories

1835 Worcester sauce is invented

1837 The electric telegraph is invented

1840 The Penny Post is introduced. The electric clock is invented.

1842 A law bans children under 10 and all females from working underground in coal mines

1843 The first Christmas card is made. John E Turnbull invents the first clothes wringer.

1844 A law bans children under 8 from working

1847 A law bans women and children from working more than 10 hours a day in textile factories. Chloroform is used as an anaesthetic by James Simpson. The Christmas cracker is invented.

1848 Cholera breaks out in many towns and cities

1849 The safety pin is invented by Walter Hunt

1851 In Britain for the first time more than half the population live in towns. The wringer (mangle) is invented by Robert Tasker.

1852 In Britain the first modern public lavatory opens in London. Francis Wolle invents a machine for making paper bags.

1855 In Britain The Daily Telegraph is first printed.

1857 Toilet paper is invented by Joseph Gayetty

1860 Linoleum is invented by Frederick Walton

1861 Garibaldi biscuits are invented

1863 The London Football Association devises rules for football

1864 A man named John W. Reed invents the modern rolling pin with handles

1865 Antiseptic surgery is introduced by Joseph Lister. The Salvation Army is founded. The picture postcard is invented.

1869 Kendal Mint cake is invented

1870 In Britain the state decides to provide schools for all children

1871 Bank Holidays are introduced

1874 The first successful typewriter is invented. Jeans are invented.

1875 Milk chocolate is invented. Snooker is invented. A law bans boys from climbing up chimneys to clean them. John B. Porter invents a portable ironing board.

1876 Melville Bissell invents a carpet sweeper. The telephone is invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

1879 The first practical electric light bulbs are invented by Thomas Edison. By now most working class homes in towns have gas light.

1880 In Britain school is made compulsory for 5 to 10 year olds

1882 The electric iron is invented by Henry Seely. The electric fan is invented by Dr Schuyler Wheeler. Electric Christmas tree lights are invented.

1885 Cream crackers are invented. The safety bicycle goes on sale. The first car is made. A man named Mason Pearson invents the rubber cushion brush.

1886 Josephine Cochran invents the first practical dishwasher

1887 Softball is invented

1888 The first modern deodorant is invented. The first cheap camera is introduced and photography becomes a popular hobby. In Britain The Financial Times is first printed.

1889 The jukebox is invented. The lift is invented.

1890 The first electric underground trains in London run

1891 Basketball is invented

1892 Collapsible toothpaste tubes are invented. Digestive biscuits are invented by Alexander Grant. Snakes and Ladders is introduced.

1893 Wine gums are first sold. Electric ovens go on sale in Britain. The electric toaster is invented. The zip fastener is invented.

1895 Volleyball is invented. Netball is first played in England. X rays are discovered.

1896 In Britain The Daily Mail is first printed

1897 Candy floss is invented

1899 More than 25% of the population was living at or below subsistence level.

The 20th Century

1900 Meccano is invented. The tape recorder is invented. Life expectancy at birth is 47 for a man and 50 for a woman.

1901 Hubert Booth invents the powered vacuum cleaner. Marconi sends a radio message across the Atlantic. The first safety razors go on sale. The population of Britain is about 41 million.

1903 The ice cream cone is patented. The Daily Mirror is first printed.

1905 Dairy Milk is introduced

1907 Synthetic hair dye is invented

1908 Custard creams are invented

1910 Walnut whip is introduced. Bourbon biscuits are invented. Neon lights are invented.

1913 Steel wool cleaning pads are invented. Mascara is invented. The modern bra is invented. The first domestic fridge is sold. The first crossword appears.

1914 Salad cream is invented. A typical working class family spends 60% of its income on food.

1915 Milk Tray is introduced. Lipstick is first sold in push up tubes.

1918 In Britain the minimum age for leaving school is set at 14.

1919 Passenger flights begin between London and Paris

1920 Flake is introduced

1921 Choc-ices go on sale in the USA. Fruit and Nut is introduced.

1922 The BBC begins broadcasting radio

1923 Milky Way is introduced in the USA

1924 Tizer goes on sale. Vinyl is invented.

1926 The steam iron is introduced. Electric traffic lights are installed in London.

1927 The first film with sound, The Jazz Singer is made. Jaffa cakes go on sale.

1928 Sliced bread is sold for the first time in the USA.

1929 Crunchie is introduced

1930 Snickers and Freddo are introduced. The first Football World Cup is held.

1932 Terry's Chocolate Orange and All Gold are introduced. Mars bars are first made. Lip-gloss goes on sale. In Britain unemployment reaches 22.8%

1933 Whole nut is introduced. So are lovehearts and Black Magic.

1934 In built up areas of Britain a 30-mile an hour speed limit is introduced. Percy Shaw invents cats eyes.

1935 Monopoly is introduced. Aero and Kit Kat are introduced. Milky Way is introduced in Britain. Nylon is invented. A typical working class family spends 35% of its income on food. Bra cup sizes are introduced.

1936 Maltesers and Blue Riband are introduced. Dairy Box and Quality Street are also introduced. Spam is invented. The BBC begins broadcasting television. Belisha beacons are introduced to make crossing the road easier.

1937 Smarties and Rolo are introduced. Milky Bar is introduced.

1938 Cadburys Roses are introduced. The Beano is first published. Freeze dried coffee is invented. In Britain unemployment stands at about 10%

1939 In Britain by law all workers are allowed 1 week annual holiday

1941 Polyester is invented. Antibiotics are introduced.

1942 Soft toilet paper is introduced

1946 The bikini is invented

1947 In Britain the minimum age for leaving school is raised to 15. Transistors are invented.

1948 Polo mints are introduced. Hairspray is invented.

1949 Cludeo is introduced. Jet passenger aircraft are introduced.

1950 Harry Wasylyk invents the bin liner or garbage bag

1951 Bounty is introduced. Dennis the Menace first appears. Zebra crossings are introduced. Correction fluid is invented.

1955 Fish fingers go on sale

1956 The film Rock Around the Clock is shown in Britain

1957 Munchies are introduced

1958 Picnic is introduced. Washing up liquid is also introduced.

1959 Caramac is introduced. In Britain 32% of households own a car. Barbie doll is invented.

1960 Starburst is introduced. The first ready salted crisps are sold. Lasers are invented. Galaxy goes on sale. In Britain 44% of households own a washing machine.

1962 After Eight Mints are introduced. Topic is introduced.

1963 Toffee Crisp is introduced

1964 BBC 2 begins broadcasting

1965 Chewits are introduced. The mini skirt is invented.

1967 Twix is introduced. The first ATM in Britain is installed. The quartz crystal watch is introduced. BBC 2 is the first British TV station to be broadcast in color.

1969 Capital punishment for murder is abolished in Britain. The pelican crossing is introduced. Lollipop men and women are introduced. Monty Pythons Flying Circus is first broadcast.

1971 Curly Wurly is introduced. The first email is sent. In Britain the currency is decimalized. In Britain life expectancy is 68 for a man and 72 for a woman.

1972 The minimum age for leaving school is raised to 16

1973 In Britain unemployment is about 3%

1974 Skittles (sweets) are introduced

1975 In Britain 90% of homes have a vacuum cleaner, 85% have a fridge and 70% own a washing machine. Furthermore 52% have a telephone and 47% have central heating.

1976 Yorkie, Double Decker and Lion Bar are introduced

1982 Channel 4 begins broadcasting. Trivial Pursuit is introduced.

1983 Wispa is introduced. The �1 coin is introduced. In Britain seat belts are made compulsory.

1985 The first mobile phone call in Britain is made. Pictionary is introduced.

1986 Hobnobs are introduced. The Independent is first printed. In Britain the official unemployment rate reaches 14.1%

1987 The cane is abolished in state schools

1989 Satellite television begins in Britain

1992 The first commercial text is sent. In Britain speed cameras are introduced.

1994 The Channel Tunnel opens

1996 In Britain smartphones are introduced

1998 Student grants are abolished

The 21st Century

2009 In Britain 36% of households own a dishwasher

2012 In Britain 50% of the population owns a smartphone

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