Norwich-the fine city!

Norwich is a historic city situated in the heart of Norfolk on the banks of the river Wensum. Back in the 11th Century, it was regarded as the second largest city after London and even today has one of the densest populations in the East of England; encompassing as it does the surrounding suburbs of Hellesdon, Bowthorpe and Thorpe St.Andrew. With its own airport, travel there has never been easier and lots of reasonably-priced flights can be found when you compare airline tickets with

The name of the city, Norwich, originates from the time of the Anglo-Saxons back around the 5th Century when they first founded the town and called it Northwic. One of several settlements in the area, these later merged together to form the city as we know it today. Norwich’s most famous landmark is Norwich Castle and this was built soon after the Norman Conquest and designed as a palace, though no Norman Kings are ever known to have lived in it. Today the Castle boasts an impressive museum, beautiful gardens and is ideally located in the centre of Norwich with convenient access to the Castle Mall; just one of Norwich’s two fine shopping malls. During the construction of the Mall in 2004, the city made headlines when a collection of bones were discovered at the site of a medieval well. These bones were later determined to be the remains of several Jews, murdered at the site sometime around the 12th Century.

But Norwich is just as famous for its Cathedral. Situated in Tombland, this Norman building has dominated the Norwich skyline for over 900 years and boasts both the highest Norman tower and the second largest spire in the country. Lovingly restored and cared for over the years, the Cathedral is an ideal place for quiet prayer and tranquil reflection and is host to an extensive collection of stained glass windows that date over three Centuries. Cathedral Close, a nest of cottages located in the actual Cathedral grounds, has itself been used as the location for many period dramas filmed there and there are always lots of events happening at the Cathedral that include choir concerts and recitals and performances by local orchestras.

Not far from the Cathedral is Elm Hill; a historic cobbled lane dating back to Tudor times and used in the movie, Stardust. Both beautiful and picturesque, it has more Tudor houses than in the whole of London and is host to some lovely olde-worlde traders, cafes and coffee shops totally unique to Norwich!

Overall, Norwich is a city steeped in history and there are lots of reasons why the signs at its entrance proclaim it “A Fine City!”