By Tim Lambert

1804 Alicia Meynell is the first recorded woman jockey

1809 Mary Kies becomes the first American woman to be granted a patent

1811 The first women's golf tournament takes place in Scotland

1838 In Britain Grace Darling rows a little boat 1 mile through a storm to rescue 5 people from a steamship that had struck rocks. She became a heroine.

1841 In the USA 3 women gain bachelor degrees from Oberlin College. They are the first American women to gain bachelor degrees.

1848 Maria Mitchell becomes the first woman member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The first women's rights convention is held at Seneca Falls.

1849 Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first woman in the USA to qualify as a doctor.

1858 Dorothea Beale becomes the head teacher or principal of Cheltenham Ladies College

1866 In the USA Lucy Hobbs Taylor becomes the first American woman to graduate from a dental college

1869 The territory of Wyoming gives women the right to vote

1872 Victoria Woodhull is the first woman to run for president of the USA

1874 The London School of Medicine for Women is founded

1877 Helen Magill White is the first woman in the USA to gain a PhD

1878 In Britain a new law bans women from working more than 56 hours a week in any factory

1879 Somerville College for women is founded in Oxford University

1880 Three women are granted degrees by the University of London. They are the first women given degrees by a British University.

1881 Clara Barton founds the American Red Cross

1892 Isabella Bird becomes the first woman member of the Royal Geographical Society

1884 Women first play tennis at Wimbledon

1887 Susanna Salter becomes the first woman mayor in the USA

1893 Men in Colorado vote in a referendum to allow women to vote

1895 Lilian Murray is the first woman in Britain to qualify as a dentist

1896 In Idaho and Utah, USA women get the right to vote. Martha Hughes Cannon is elected to the Utah State Senate. She is the first woman state senator. In France Alice Guy-Blach� becomes the first female film director. She directed her first film, La F�e aux choux.

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