A Timeline of Andover

By Tim Lambert

950 The king builds a royal hunting lodge at Andover

962 A king holds a meeting of the Saxon Witanagemot (parliament) at Andover

1086 At the time of the Domesday Book Andover has a population of about 500, making it a large village. Andover also has 6 watermills.

1141 Andover suffers a terrible fire but soon recovers

1175 Andover is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights)

1256 The people of Andover are given the right to hold their own court for offences in the town

1348 The population of Andover is about 1,200, making it a small town. It is devastated by the Black Death but recovers. The main industry in Andover is making wool.

1435 Andover suffers another fire

1571 A free school is founded in Andover. The town is known for its leather workers.

1599 Andover is given a new charter. The population of Andover is about 2,000.

1750 Andover is a coaching town. Many stagecoaches pass through the town.

1757 A pest house is built in Andover (an isolation hospital for people suffering from infectious diseases)

1785 Ladies Walk is laid out in Andover

1789 A canal opens to Southampton

1803 The first theatre in Andover opens

1813 An iron foundry is founded in Andover

1815 A body of men is formed with powers to pave, clean, and light the streets of Andover

1838 Andover gains gas street light

1859 The canal to Southampton closes

1861 The population of Andover reaches 5,221

1875 Andover Water Company is formed

1877 A Fire Station opens in Andover

1887 A recreation ground opens by Common Acre

1897 A public library opens in Andover

1899-1902 A system of sewers is created under Andover

1911 Andover gains its first cinema

1920 A War Memorial is built

1926 The War Memorial Hospital opens in Andover

1927 Andover gains an electricity supply

1960 Andover has a population of 17,000

1961 A plan to expand Andover is made. Many people will move to Andover from London.

1964 The first new council houses are built. The railway to Southampton opens. The first factory in Walworth Estate opens.

1966 Twinings moves to Andover

1969 Andover bypass opens

1981 The population of Andover is 51,000

1986 The Museum of the iron age opens

2020 The population of Andover is 50,000