A Timeline of Bodmin

By Tim Lambert

10th Century A monastery is built at Bodmin, which is an ancient trading place

1086 At the time of the Domesday Book Bodmin is a thriving, though small town. However, it is the only market town in Cornwall.

13th Century Greyfriars arrive in Bodmin. The little town is an important market for wool and tin.

1349 The Black Death reaches Bodmin

1469-72 The Church of St Petroc is built

1497 Perkin Warbeck leads a rebellion against Henry VII. Warbeck is declared king in Bodmin. However, Henry VII easily crushes the rebellion.

1776 Bodmin goal is built. Bodmin remains a quiet little town.

1801 Bodmin has a population of less than 2,000

1822 St Lawrence’s Hospital is built as a lunatic asylum

1834 The railway reaches Bodmin. The little town is connected to Wadebridge.

1837 Shire Hall is built

1839 Bodmin Market House is built

1842 A workhouse is built in Bodmin

1845 Turret Clock is built

1856 An obelisk is erected for Sir Walter Raleigh Gilbert

1881 Lanhydrock is badly damaged by fire and had to be rebuilt

1887 A railway opens from Bodmin Parkway to Bodmin

1891 The Public Rooms are built

1897 A library is built in Bodmin

1901 Bodmin has a population of over 5,300

1909 The last execution takes place at Bodmin goal

1910 East Cornwall Hospital is built

1922 Bodmin goal closes

1925 Asylum Clock is erected

1951 The population of Bodmin is 6,000

1965 St Marys Church opens

2000 Shire Gallery opens

2001 The population of Bodmin is 13,000