A Timeline of Canterbury

By Tim Lambert

1st Century AD The Romans take over an Iron Age settlement and build a town at Canterbury

407 The Romans leave Britain and afterward, Canterbury is probably abandoned

603 Canterbury is chosen to be the seat of the first archbishop

630 Canterbury is a flourishing little town with its own mint

851 Canterbury is raided by the Danes

1011 The Danes burn most of Canterbury

1067 Canterbury Cathedral burns down and has to be rebuilt

1170 Archbishop Thomas Becket is murdered

1174 Canterbury Cathedral burns down again and has to be rebuilt again

1190 Eastbridge Hospital is built as a shelter for pilgrims

1380 Canterbury flourishes because of the wool industry

1507 The Old Weavers House is built

1564 Christopher Marlowe is born in Canterbury

1567 Weavers from what is now Belgium arrive in Canterbury

1599 Jesus Hospital is built

1750 Canterbury has dwindled to being a quiet market town

1787 A body of men is formed to pave, clean, and light the streets of Canterbury

1790 Dane John Gardens are laid out. A hospital opens in Cathedral

1830 The railway reaches Canterbury

1867 An art school opens. Canterbury remains a quiet market town. The Industrial Revolution passes it by.

1906 Westgate Museum opens. Canterbury slowly grows larger.

Second World War In Canterbury 115 people are killed by bombs.

1962 Canterbury University is built

1982 Canterbury bypass is built

1985 Marlowe Arcade opens

1994 The Roman Museum opens

1997 Canterbury Castle opens to the public

2005 Whitefriars Shopping Centre is completed