A Timeline of Cheltenham Spa

By Tim Lambert

1086 Cheltenham is a little village with a population of less than 200

1226 King Henry III gives Cheltenham the right to hold weekly markets and annual fairs

1660 Cheltenham has a population of about 1,500. The little town has a malting industry and a leather industry.

Early 18th Century People in Cheltenham begin selling water from a spring south of the town. People believed the water would heal all kinds of illness.

1738-1742 The owner of the spring deepens it and turns it into a well

1740 Dr Short writes a book in which he praises the water from Cheltenham well

1786 A body of men is formed to pave, clean and light the streets of Cheltenham

1788 King George III visits Cheltenham

1801 Cheltenham has a population of just over 3,000. However, the population grows very rapidly in the early 19th century.

1806-1810 Royal Crescent is built

1818 The Promenade is laid out. Cheltenham gains gaslight.

1825 Pittville Gardens are laid out

1830 Pittville Pump room is built

1834 A sewers company is formed

1840 The railway reaches Cheltenham

1841 Cheltenham College opens

1851 The population of Cheltenham Spa is 35,000

1854 Cheltenham Ladies College opens

1877 Cheltenham gains a corporation and mayor

1889 The first public library opens in Cheltenham

1891 Everyman Theatre is built

1893 The statue of Neptune is erected

1895 Cheltenham gains electric light

1899 Cheltenham Art Gallery opens

1901 Cheltenham has a population of 49,000. Trams begin running in the streets.

1914 The first cinema opens in Cheltenham

1927 The council obtains Sandford Park

1930 The trams end

World War II In Cheltenham 31 people are killed by bombs

1971 Cheltenham Spa has a population of 74,000

1975 Holst Birthplace Museum opens

1985 Regent Arcade opens

1987 Wishing Fish Clock is erected

1991 Beechwood Shopping Centre opens