A Timeline of Cirencester

By Tim Lambert

1st Century AD The Romans build a fort at Cirencester and a civilian town grows up nearby

3rd Century Stone walls are built around Cirencester

5th Century Roman towns are abandoned

577 The Saxons capture Cirencester. Soon a little town grows up near the Roman remains.

1086 Cirencester is a small market town

1117 An abbey is founded at Cirencester

1215 The abbot is given the right to hold wool fairs

1461 A grammar school is opened in Cirencester

1539 Cirencester abbey is closed

1576-79 Plague strikes Cirencester

1643 During the Civil War royalists capture Cirencester

1645 The parliamentarians capture Cirencester

1758 Cirencester is struck by smallpox

1780 Cirencester is now a quiet market town rather than a wool manufacturing centre

1801 Cirencester has a population of about 4,000

1825 The Improvement Commissioners are formed in Cirencester

1833 Cirencester gains gaslight

1841 The railway reaches Cirencester

1856 A museum opens in Cirencester

1871 A cemetery opens in Cirencester

1882 Cirencester has a piped water supply

1894 Cirencester gains an urban district council

1908 Bingham Hall is built

1912 The first council houses are built in Cirencester

1975 A new library opens. Cotswold Leisure Centre opens.

1979 The Brewery Arts Centre opens

2001 The population of Cirencester is 19,000

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