A Timeline of Doncaster

By Tim Lambert

c 71 AD The Romans build a fort in the region. It is called Danum.

12th Century A village called Doncaster grows into a small market town

1194 King Richard I gives Doncaster a charter

1204 Doncaster is badly damaged by a fire but it is soon rebuilt

1307 Franciscan friars arrive in Doncaster. they are called greyfriars because of their costumes.

c 1350 Carmelites or white friars arrive in Doncaster

1562 Plague strikes Doncaster

1575 Doncaster gains a grammar school

1582 Plague returns to Doncaster

1606 Plague strikes Doncaster again

1700 Doncaster suffers an outbreak of typhoid

1750 The Mansion House is built

1770 Doncaster is a stage coaching town

1774 Doncaster gains its first theatre

1776 The first St Ledger is held

1792 A dispensary opens where the poor can obtain free medicines

1827 Doncaster is lit by gas

1831 Doncaster has a population of 10,000

1847 A new Guildhall is built

1849 The railway reaches Doncaster

1853 The Great Northern Railway moves its engine building works to Doncaster

1869 The first free public library opens in Doncaster

1899 Doncaster is lit by gas

1902 Electric trams run in the streets of Doncaster

1909 Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery opens

1923 Elmfield Park opens

1941 2 parachute mines fall on Doncaster

1951 The population of Doncaster is 83,000

1967 The Frenchgate Centre is built

1969 The Waterfield Centre is built

2005 Robin Hood Airport opens