A Timeline of Dudley

By Tim Lambert

13th century The village of Dudley is changed into a small market town

1562 A grammar school is founded in Dudley

1600 Dudley is known for nail-making

1647 After the Civil War Dudley Castle is deliberately damaged

1685 Dudley is allowed 2 annual fairs but it is still a small town known for nail-making

1600 Dudley is known for nail-making

1791 A body of men called Improvement Commissioners is formed to pave, clean and light the streets of Dudley. The Industrial Revolution starts to transform Dudley from a market town to a large industrial centre.

1821 Dudley gains gas light

1832 Dudley is struck by cholera

1834 Dudley gains a horse-drawn fire engine

1848 Cholera strikes Dudley again

1850 The railway reaches Dudley

1865 Dudley is made a borough and given a corporation. The iron industry in Dudley booms. A glass industry flourishes.

1867 Guest Hospital is founded

1878 The first public library opens in Dudley

1880 Horse-drawn trams begin running in Dudley

1926 Fountain Arcade is built

1928 Dudley Town Hall is built

1935 The Council House is built

1937 Dudley Zoo opens

1929-39 The Priory Estate is built

1941 A new fire station and police station are built in Dudley

1973 The Trident Centre opens

1974 Dudley is made part of a metropolitan borough including Halesowen and Stourbridge

1975 Black Country Living Museum opens

1980 Broadfield House Glass Museum opens

1985 Merry Hill Shopping Centre opens

2000 Dormston Sports and Arts Centre opens

2001 Millennium Pegasus sculpture is unveiled

2002 Red House Glass Cone opens