A Timeline of Eastleigh

By Tim Lambert

932 A hamlet named East leah is mentioned

1838 A railway is built through the area and a small station opens by the hamlet of Barton. Later the railway company builds houses for its employees by the station.

1852 A cheese market opens by the station

1864 The first speculative houses are built at Eastleigh

1868 The two villages of Eastley and Barton are combined into one parish. The new parish is called Eastleigh.

1870 The first school opens in Eastleigh

1871 Eastleigh has a population of 515

1884 The railway company decides to build a wagon and carriage works at Eastleigh

1893 A local board is formed to pave and light the streets of Eastleigh

1895 An urban district council is formed in Eastleigh

1896 The council lays out Recreation Field as a park

1901 Eastleigh has a population of over 9,000

1909 A locomotive works is built at Eastleigh

1911 The first cinema opens in Eastleigh

1921 Pirelli opens a cable factory in Eastleigh

1928 The Town Hall is built

1929 Southampton Municipal Airport opens

1936 Eastleigh is made a borough

1962 Dr Beeching announces a plan to close the wagon and carriage works in Eastleigh

1975 Fleming Park Leisure Centre opens

1989 Swan Shopping Centre opens

1990 A new library is built

1996 Point Theatre opens