A Timeline of Frome

By Tim Lambert

c 685 St Aldhelm founds a monastery at Frome. A settlement grows up nearby.

934 The Witan (a kind of Saxon parliament) meets at Frome

1086 At this time Frome is a busy little market town with a population of around 600. Frome has 4 windmills so it is quite an important place.

1270 Frome is allowed an annual fair

1492 Frome is allowed 2 more annual fairs. Frome is famous for manufacturing wool.

1685 The Duke of Monmouth leads a rebellion against the king. The rebellion is crushed and afterward, 12 men are hanged at Frome.

1726 A writer said that Frome ‘is now reckoned to have more people in it than the City of Bath’. Blue House is built.

1757 A body of men is given powers to widen and repair certain streets in Frome

1797 The streets of Frome are lit with oil lamps. North Parade is created.

1801 Frome has a population of 8,748

1810 Bath Street is built

1818 Christ Church is built

1831 Frome gains gaslight

1838 Holy Trinity Church is built

1850 The railway reaches Frome

1901 Victoria Hospital and Victoria Baths are built

1925 The Memorial Theatre is built

1947 The first council houses are built in Frome

1965 The last wool maker in Frome closes

1990 A new library is built

2020 Frome has a population of 27,000