A Timeline of Great Yarmouth

By Tim Lambert

5th Century AD The Angles found Great Yarmouth

1086 Great Yarmouth is a little town with a population of several hundred

1209 King John grants Great Yarmouth a charter. The port is flourishing and herring fairs are held there.

1297 Ships from Great Yarmouth fight ships from Kent. Yarmouth is now a walled town. Friars live in Great Yarmouth.

1596 Great Yarmouth is a flourishing town. The Elizabethan House is built.

1614 The present haven is dug

1702 A Fishermen’s Hospital is built

1714 St George’s Church is built

1750 Shipbuilding is an important industry in Great Yarmouth

1810 Yarmouth is developing as a seaside resort

1811 A Royal Naval Hospital is built

1819 A memorial to Nelson is erected

1844 The railway reaches Great Yarmouth

1850 Yarmouth is growing rapidly and the herring industry is flourishing

1854 Wellington Pier is built

1858 Britannia Pier is built

1882 A new Town Hall is built

1908 The first cinema opens in Great Yarmouth

1915 A zeppelin raid takes place

1916 The German navy bombards Great Yarmouth

1918 The German navy raids again

1927 The Marina is created

1942 German bombing destroys St Nicholas Church

2006 Great Yarmouth suffers bad floods

2008 Market Gates Shopping Centre opens