A Timeline of Hayling Island

By Tim Lambert

Early Hayling Island

6th Century The Saxons land in Southeast Hampshire

1086 The population of Hayling Island is about 300. Hayling has a salt pan.

12th Century St Peters Church is built

13th Century St Marys Church is built

1777 Hayling Manor House is built

1801 Hayling Island has a population of 578

1824 A wooden bridge is built across the channel to Langstone

1826 Norfolk hotel is built

1848 The Rose in June pub opens

1865 Hayling Island gains a lifeboat

1867 A railway opens from Hayling Island to Havant

1883 A golf course opens on Hayling Island

1898 All of Hayling island has a piped water supply

Modern Hayling Island

1901 Hayling Island has a population of over 1,600

1931 An amusement park opens on Hayling Island

1950 Hayling Island has a population of over 5,500

1956 A new Hayling Bridge is built

1962 Hayling County Secondary School opens

1963 The railway to Havant closes

1966 A new library opens

1967 Mengham Infants School opens

1975 St Andrews Church is built

1981 An amusement park opens

1995 Hayling gains a new lifeboat station

1997 Station Theatre opens

2003 East Hayling Light Railway opens

Hayling Island