A Timeline of Lichfield

By Tim Lambert

669 The Bishop of Mercia makes his seat at Lichfield

12th Century The Bishop of Chester founds a new town at Lichfield

1237 Franciscan friars arrive in Lichfield

1291 Lichfield is badly damaged by a fire but it is rebuilt. Lichfield is a small town with a population of about 1,500.

1424 Milleys Hospital is built at Lichfield

1538 Henry VIII closes the friary

1548 Lichfield is given a corporation and a mayor

1593 Plague strikes Lichfield

1612 A heretic is burned at Lichfield, the last burning of a heretic in England

1643 At the beginning of the year a royalist army captures Lichfield. However, in March a parliamentary army drives them out. The royalists then capture Lichfield again.

1646 The Parliamentarians capture Lichfield once again.

1687 A new Bishop’s Palace is built

1690 Thatched roofs are banned in Lichfield

1700 The population of Lichfield is about 3,000

1797 A canal is built to Lichfield

1801 Lichfield has a population of 4,842

1806 A body of men is formed with powers to pave, clean, and light the streets of Lichfield

1833 A gas works opens in Lichfield

1859 A public library and museum opens

1901 Lichfield has a population of 7,900

1933 Victoria Hospital is built

1960 Western Relief Road is built

1971 Eastern by-pass is built

1996  Spires Shopping Centre is built