A Timeline of Limerick

By Tim Lambert

922 The Vikings found Limerick

1194 The English capture Limerick

1197 Limerick is given a charter

1200-1210 King John’s Castle is built

1642 An Irish army enters Limerick

1651 The English besiege Limerick

1691 Limerick is besieged again

1769 Limerick Customs House is built

1803 The Old Town Hall is built

1811 The first hospital in Limerick is built

1816 St Saviours Dominican Church is built

1824 Limerick gains gas light

1826 Limerick gains a water company

1827 Sarsfield Bridge is built

1830 Barringtons Hospital is built

1843 Limericks Potato Market is built

1848 The railway reaches Limerick

1857 A statue of O’Connell is erected

1859 St Johns Cathedral is built

1876 Peoples Park is laid out

1901 The population of Limerick is 38,000

1972 The University of Limerick is founded

1981 Belltable Arts Centre opens

1984 The National Technology Park is founded

1987 O’Halloran Bridge is built

1988 Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre opens

1991 A Visitors Centre is built in King John’s Castle

1999 Abbey Bridge opens. The Georgian House opens.