A Timeline of Northampton

By Tim Lambert

Late 9th Century Danes conquer eastern England and turn the village of Hamm tun into a fortified town

914 The name Northampton is first recorded. Northampton is a flourishing market town.

1010 The Danes burn Northampton

1086 Northampton has a population of about 1,500

1189 Northampton is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights)

1215 Northampton has a mayor for the first time

1264 Northampton is sacked during a civil war

1300 Northampton has a population of about 2,500-3,000. It is famous for its wool-making industry.

1349 The Black Death devastates the population

1516 A fire devastates much of Northampton

1595 The Welsh House is built

1642 Northampton is already known for shoe-making

1660 Charles II orders the destruction of the walls around Northampton

1675 On 20 September a fire starts on St Marys Street. It spreads through Northampton and destroys half the houses in the town.

1744 A County Hospital is built. Northampton has a population of about 5,000.

1801 Northampton has a population of about 7,000

1823 The streets of Northampton are lit by gas

1838 A lunatic asylum is built in Northampton

1845 The railway reaches Northampton

1864 The Guildhall is built

1877 The first public library opens in Northampton

1880 Horse drawn trams run in the streets of Northampton

1884 The Royal Theatre is built

1892 Northampton gains electric street lights

1898 Victoria Park opens

1900 Northampton has a population of about 87,000

1901 The boundaries of Northampton are extended

1930 Shoemaking in Northampton is in rapid decline

1936 A public baths is built

1965 Northampton is designated a new town to which many Londoners will emigrate

1968 Northampton Development Corporation is formed

1970 Work begins on building the new town

1975 Grosvenor Shopping Centre is built

1983 Weston Favell Shopping Centre is built. The Derngate Theatre is built.

1985 The Northampton Development Corporation is wound up

2011 The population of Northampton is 195,000

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery