A Timeline of Paulsgrove

By Tim Lambert

1086 Wymering is small village with a population of about 120 or less

1665 A large house is built by the hamlet of Paulsgrove

1870 Paulsgrove is a small hamlet with a population of around 50. It has a chalk pit.

1920 Wymering and Paulsgrove are made part of Portsmouth

1922 Work begins on building a new council estate at Wymering

1928 A racecourse opens at Paulsgrove

1931-33 The roads between Sevenoaks Road and Wymering Lane are built

1935-39 The roads between Wymering Lane and Washbrook Road are built

1939 The racecourse closes

1945 Work begins on building a new council estate at Paulsgrove

1948 St Michael’s and All Angels Church is built

1952 Paulsgrove Primary School opens

1953 The first permanent shops open in Paulsgrove. Smiths Crisps factory opens.

1954 The first public library opens in Paulsgrove. The Baptist Church is built.

1957 Two pubs, the Beehive and The Crossed Keys open

1958 Wymering Industrial Estate is built

1970 St Paul’s Catholic Church is built

1985 A new library opens

1994 Smiths Crisps closes

2004 Harbourgate Business Park is built

2005 Paulsgrove and Wymering Healthy Living Centre opens