A Timeline of Peterborough

By Tim Lambert

972 The Saxons build an abbey on the site of the abbey. A village grows up nearby.

c. 1000 A wall is built around the settlement and it becomes a small town St Peters Burgh

1070 During a rebellion against William the Conqueror Petersborough is burned

1116 Peterborough Abbey burns

1300 Longthorpe Tower is built

1308 A wooden bridge is built over the river

1407 The Church of St John the Baptist is built

1541 Peterborough Abbey is made a cathedral. Kings School is founded. The population of Peterborough is about 1,500. The main industry in the town is making wool.

1574 Plague strikes Peterborough

1587 Mary Queen of Scots is buried in Peterborough Cathedral

1607 Plague strikes Peterborough again

1625 Another outbreak of plague takes place

1643 During the Civil War soldiers desecrate Peterborough Cathedral

1671 The Old Guildhall is built

1750 Peterborough has a population of about 3,000

1774 The first theatre is built in Peterborough

1790 The Custom House is built. A body of men called Improvement Commissioners is given powers to pave, clean and light the streets of Peterborough.

1801 The population of Peterborough reaches 3,500

1821 An infirmary is built

1830 The streets of Peterborough are lit by gas

1845 The railway reaches Peterborough

1871 The population of Peterborough reaches 17,000

1856 St Peters Training College is built

1874 Peterborough is given a corporation

1892 The first public library opens in Peterborough

1901 The population of Peterborough is about 30,000

1903 Feoffee almshouse are built. Electric trams begin running.

1911 The first cinema opens in Peterborough

1928 War Memorial Hospital is built

1929 City Museum opens

1933 A new Town Hall is built in Peterborough

1934 A new bridge over the Nene is built

1938 A public swimming pool opens

1964 Hereward Cross Centre opens

1967 Peterborough has a population of about 80,000 but it is decided to make it a new town and double the population to about 160,000

1968 A Development Corporation is formed

1970 Building the new town at Peterborough begins

1973 The Key Theatre is built

1982 The Queensgate Centre opens

1989 The Rivergate Centre opens