A Timeline of Poole

By Tim Lambert

Early Poole

c. 1200 A new port is flourishing at Poole

1239 Poole is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights)

1348 The Black Death reaches Poole

1377 The French burn part of Poole

1405 An army of Frenchmen and Spaniards attack Poole

1433 Poole is made a staple which is allowed to export wool

1453 The market town and port of Poole is allowed 2 annual fairs. Poole has a population of no more than 1,500.

1524 A wooden platform is erected at Poole and cannons are mounted on it

1545 A fort is built on Brownsea Island

1568 Queen Elizabeth grants Poole a new charter

1574 A census shows Poole has a population of 1,373

1643 During the Civil War the Royalists attack Poole but they are defeated

1645 Plague strikes Poole

1700 Ships from Poole fish off Newfoundland. There is also a rope making industry in Poole.

1761 A new Town Hall is built. Poole is a prosperous and growing town.

Modern Poole

1801 Poole has a population of 9,276

1813 The new Customs House is built in Poole

1820 St James Church is built. The fishing trade off Newfoundland goes into steep decline.

1859 A private water company is formed to supply Poole with piped water

1887 The first public library opens in Poole

1890 Poole Park opens

1901 Electric trams begin running in Poole

1910 The first cinema opens in Poole

1932 Civic Offices are built in Poole

1935 The last trams run in Poole

1969 The Dolphin Centre opens. Poole General Hospital opens.

1978 An Arts Centre opens (later renamed the Lighthouse)

2007 Poole Museum reopens