A Timeline of Stafford

By Tim Lambert

913 A burh or fortified settlement is founded at Stafford

1000 Stafford is a flourishing little town with its own mint

1070 William the Conqueror builds a castle at Stafford

1200 Stafford has a population of about 1,000

1206 King John gives Stafford a charter. Stafford is a busy little town with weekly markets and annual fairs.

1585 Ancient High House is built

1622 Stafford has a population of 1,550

1746 Chetwynd House is built. Stafford is still a small town. The main industry is making cloth.

1766 An infirmary is built

1792 The first theatre in Stafford is built

1798 Shire Hall is built

1801 Stafford has a population of nearly 4,000. During the 19th century the population soars.

1830 A body of men is formed to pave, clean, and light the streets of Stafford

1837 The railway reaches Stafford

1877 Borough Hall opens. Boot and shoemaking is the main industry in Stafford.

1881 Stafford has a population of almost 20,000

1895 Stafford gains an electricity supply

1901-02 The first council houses are built in Stafford

1908 Victoria Park opens

1934 Stafford Guildhall is built

1951 Stafford has a population of over 40,000

2016 Riverside Stafford opens