A Timeline of Swansea

By Tim Lambert

Early Swansea

c. 1000 The Vikings are believed to have built a fort at Swansea

Early 12th Century The Normans conquer this part of Wales and they build a castle at Swansea. A town grows up in the shadow of the castle.

1158-84 At some point in this period Swansea is given a charter (a document giving the people certain rights)

1200 Swansea is a little town with a population of about 1,000

1402 Owain Glendower burns Swansea. However the little town recovers and it is known for its wool and leather industries.

1647 Swansea Castle is demolished by the Parliamentarians

1650 Swansea has a population of about 1,000. Coal and iron are exported from Swansea

1716 Copper is first smelted at Swansea

1750 Swansea has population of about 3,000

1764 A pottery plant is founded at Swansea

1771 Swansea gains its first bank

1777 Zinc is first made at Swansea

1785 Swansea gains its first theater

Modern Swansea

1801 The population of Swansea is 6,831

1809 A body of men are formed with powers to pave, clean and light the streets of Swansea

1821 Swansea gains gas street lighting

1832 Swansea is struck by cholera

1835 Swansea Museum is founded

1841 The population of Swansea reaches 16,000

1845 Tinplate is made at Swansea

1849 Cholera strikes Swansea again

1852 North Dock is built

1859 South Dock is built

1864 A General Hospital is built in Swansea

1871 The first public library opens in Swansea

1881 Prince of Wales Dock is built

1887 Victoria Park opens

1901 The population of Swansea is 134,000

1906 The first Council Houses are built in Swansea

1909 Kings Dock opens

1911 Glynn Vivian Art Gallery opens

1920 Queens Dock opens

1934 A new Guildhall is built in Swansea

Second World War 387 people in Swansea are killed by German bombing

1969 South Dock closes. (It opens as a marina in 1982). A ferry service to Cork begins. Swansea is made a city.

1977 A Leisure Centre is built

1979 The Quadrant Shopping Centre opens

1984 County Hall is built

1990 Plantasia opens

1997 Parc Tawe Centre is extended

2005 National Waterfront Museum opens