A Timeline of Worcester

By Tim Lambert

50 The Romans found Worcester

407 The last Roman soldiers leave Britain. Afterward, Worcester is abandoned.

c. 650 The Saxons start a new settlement by the River Severn which they call Weorgoran ceaster

680 Worcester is given a bishop and a cathedral

c. 880 Alfred the Great makes Worcester a burgh or fortified settlement

1041 A royal tax collector is murdered at Worcester. As a result a royal army plunders the town.

1086 Worcester has a population of about 2,000

1202 A fire devastates Worcester

1216 King John is buried in Worcester Cathedral

1218 Worcester is allowed an annual fair. The main industry in the market town is making wool.

1227 Worcester is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights)

1400 Worcester has a population of about 4,000

1542 Kings School is founded

1561 The Royal Grammar School is given a charter by Queen Elizabeth

1621 Worcester is given a mayor

1637 Plague strikes Worcester

1643 During the Civil War the Royalists occupy Worcester. In July a parliamentary army attacks but is repulsed. Worcester remains in the Royalist’s hands until the end of the war.

1646 Worcester has a population of over 7,000 but the wool trade is declining

1651 Oliver Cromwell crushes a Scottish army at Worcester

1690 Worcester gains its first newspaper

1700 The population of Worcester is about 9,000

1723 A Guildhall is built in Worcester

1746 An infirmary is built in Worcester

1751 Porcelain manufacture begins in Worcester

1765 Worcester gains its first bank

1781 Bridge Street is built. A glove-making industry in Worcester booms.

1801 The population of Worcester is 13,000

1813 A prison is built in Salt Lane

1815 The Worcester and Birmingham Canal opens

1801 Cholera kills 79 people in Worcester

1835 Shire Hall is built. The glove industry is in steep decline.

1837 Worcester sauce is made in the town

1849 Cholera kills 49 people in Worcester

1850 The railway reaches Worcester

1880 Horse drawn trams run in the streets of Worcester

1894 Worcester gains an electricity supply

1901 The population of Worcester is 46,000

1904 Electric trams run in the streets of Worcester

1928 The trams stop running

1932 Cripplegate Park opens

1992 Crowngate Shopping Centre opens

2017 Cathedral Square Shopping Centre opens