Timeline of Wolverhampton

By Tim Lambert

994 Wulfruna founds a minster church at Wolverhampton

1258 Wolverhampton is given the right to hold markets and fairs. Afterward, Wolverhampton becomes a small market town. The main industry is weaving wool.

1590 Wolverhampton is badly damaged by a fire

1696 Wolverhampton suffers another fire

1750 Wolverhampton is a stage coaching town on the road from London to Holyhead. Wolverhampton is also known for its steel industry. Wolverhampton has a population of about 7,500.

1772 A canal to Wolverhampton opens

1801 Wolverhampton has a population of about 12,0000. The Industrial Revolution is causing Wolverhampton to boom.

1821 Wolverhampton gains gas light

1837 The railway reaches Wolverhampton

1848 Wolverhampton gains a mayor and corporation

1849 A hospital opens in Wolverhampton. Cholera breaks out.

1859 The Great Western Railway opens a factory in Wolverhampton

1869 The first public library opens in Wolverhampton

1881 The first public park opens in Wolverhampton

1884 An art gallery opens in Wolverhampton

1895 Wolverhampton gains an electricity supply

1901 Wolverhampton has a population of 95,000

1938 A Civic Hall is built

1941-42 Wolverhampton is bombed

1951 Wolverhampton has a population of 162,000

1968 The Mander Centre opens

2001 Wolverhampton is made a city

2003 The Mander Centre is refurbished

2004 Market Square opens