By Tim Lambert

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John Arden 1930-2012 Playwright

Barry Hines 1939-2016 Writer

BEVERLEY Julia Pardoe 1806-1862 Writer


Rodney Bewes 1938-2017 Actor

Sir Fred Hoyle 1915-2001 Astronomer

Harvey Smith 1938- Equestrian

BIRSTALL Joseph Priestley 1733-1804 Scientist who discovered oxygen


Sir Edward Appleton 1892-1965 Physicist

John Braine 1922-1986 Writer

John Gerard Braine 1922-1986 Writer

Frank Carr 1858-1916 Composer

Kiki Dee 1947- Singer

Frederick Delius 1862-1934 Composer

Adrian Edmondson 1957- Actor

David Hockney 1937- Artist

Gertie Millar 1879-1952 Actress

J B (John Boynton) Priestley Writer

Mary Tamm 1950-2012 Actress

CASTLEFORD Henry Moore 1898-1986 Sculptor


Sir Thomas Allbut 1836-1925 Doctor

Tom Kilburn 1921-2001 Computer Engineer

Sir Owen Richardson 1879-1959 Physicist

Mick Sullivan 1934-2016 Rugby player

DONCASTER Diana Rigg 1938- Actress

FIELDHEAD Joseph Priestley 1733-1804 Scientist

FILEY Dame Honor Fell 1900-1986 Biologist


Phyllis Bentley 1894-1977 Writer

Percy Shaw 1890-1976 Invented 'cats eyes'

John E Walker 1941- Chemist

HARROGATE Sir Edward Hulton 1906-1988 Journalist


Sir William Empson 1906-1984 Poet

Henry Kettlewell 1907-1979 Entomologist

HUDDERSFIELD James Mason 1909-1984 Actor


Ian Carmichael 1920-2010 Comedian

Tom Courteney 1937- Actor

Henry Dawson 1811-1878 Artist

Amy Johnson 1903-41 Aviator

Maureen Lipman 1946- Actress

Edward Milne 1896-1950 Astrophysicist

Jean Rook 1931-1991 Journalist

Stevie Smith 1902-1971 Poet

James Ward 1843-1925 Philosopher

William Wilberforce 1759-1833 Campaigned against the slave trade


Gordon Bottomley 1874-1948 Poet

Alistair Campbell 1957- Journalist

John Firth 1890-1960 Linguist

Denis Healey 1917-2015 Chancellor of the Exchequer

Neil Rollinson 1960- Poet

Mollie Sugden 1922-2009 Actress

KNARESBOROUGH John Metcalfe 1717-1810 Road engineer


Joseph Aspdin 1788-1855 Inventor of Portland cement

Alan Bennett 1934- Writer

Tony Harrison 1937- Poet

Patrick Heron 1920-1999 Artist

Malcolm McDowell 1943- Actor

Nevill Mott 1905-1996 Physicist

Adelaide Neilson 1846-1880 Actor

Joseph Priestley 1733-1804 Chemist

Samuel Sugden 1892-1950 Chemist

MARTON Captain James Cook 1728-1779 Explorer


Keith Barron 1934-2017 Actor

Brian Blessed 1936- Actor

MIRFIELD Patrick Stewart 1940- Actor

MORLEY Herbert Asquith 1852-1928 Prime Minister 1908-1916

MYTHOLMROYD Ted Hughes 1930-1998 Poet

NORMANTON Reece Dinsdale 1959- Actor

OTLEY Thomas Chippendale 1718-1779 Furniture designer

RIPON Frederick Bower 1855-1948 Botanist


Donald Bailey 1901-85 Inventor of Bailey bridge

Sir Harry Godwin 1901-1985 Botanist


Sir George Cayley 1773-1857 Inventor

Ben Kingsley 1943- Actor

Charles Laughton 1899-1962 Actor

Dame Judith Sitwell 1887-1964 Poet

William Williamson 1816-1895 Paleobotanist

Penelope Wilton 1946- Actor

SKIPTON Henry Sidgwick 1838-1900 Philosopher

SCUNTHORPE Tony Jacklin 1944- Golfer


David Blunkett 1947- Labour politician

Marti Caine 1944-1995 Comedian

Bruce Chatwin 1940-89 Writer

Joe Cocker 1944-2014 Singer

Margaret Drabble 1939- writer

Sir Robert Hadfield 1858-1940 Metallurgist

Roy Hattersley 1932- Labour politician

John Hoyland 1934-2011 Artist

Hannah Kilham 1774-1832 Linguist

Phil Oakey 1955- Singer

Michael Palin 1943- Comedian

Helen Sharman 1963- First Briton in space

STAINFORTH George Porter 1920-2002 Chemist

TODMORDEN Dicken Ashworth 1946- Actor

THORNTON Charlotte Bronte 1816-1855- Writer


George Gissing 1857-1903 Novelist

Barbara Hepworth 1903-75 Sculptress

Kenneth Leighton 1929-1988 Composer

Elaine Storkey 1944- Writer


William Bateson 1861-1926 Geneticist

Arthur Brown 1942- Musician

WORKSOP Donald Pleasance 1919-1995 Actor


W H Auden 1907-1973 Writer

John Barry 1933- Composer

William Etty 1787-1849 Artist

Guy Fawkes 1570-1606 Attempted to blow up parliament

John Flaxman 1755-1826 Sculptor

Joseph Hansom 1803-1882 Architect and inventor of the Hansom cab

Frankie Howerd 1921-1992 Comedian

W H Auden 1907-1973 Poet

Judi Dench 1934- Actress

John Flaxman 1755-1826 Artist

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