Poor Tudors

By Tim Lambert In the 16th century about half the population lived at subsistence (bare survival) level. Life for them was hard and rough. During the 16th century there was inflation, especially in the mid-century, and prices rose steeply. Wages rose too but less than prices so real earnings fell. They reached their lowest point in 1597.… Continue reading Poor Tudors


By Tim Lambert Tudor Babies Many people born in Tudor Times did not survive childhood. Perhaps 25% of children died before their 5th birthday and as many as 40% died before their 16th birthday. When a child was born it was washed in warm water and then to keep it warm it was rubbed with… Continue reading TUDOR CHILDREN


By Tim Lambert Dedicated to Yvonne Shaw For rich Tudors fashion was important. Their clothes were very elaborate. For the poor clothes had to be tough and practical. All classes wore wool. However, it varied in quality. The rich wore fine quality wool. The poor wore coarse wool. The Tudors used linen to make shirts… Continue reading TUDOR CLOTHES