A History of Arsenic

By Tim Lambert For centuries arsenic was used to dispose of unwanted relatives. It was called the widowmaker or inheritance powder. Here are the stories of some infamous arsenic poisoners. Gesche Gottfried Gesche Gottfried was born in 1785. She poisoned at least fifteen people with arsenic in Germany between 1813 and 1827, including both her… Continue reading A History of Arsenic

A Biography of Jack the Ripper

By Tim Lambert Jack the Ripper was a mysterious figure who stalked the East End of London in 1888. Jack the Ripper’s Victims Martha Tabram (?) Nobody is certain how many women Jack the Ripper killed. Most people think there were 5 victims but there may have been others. One possible victim was Martha Tabram.… Continue reading A Biography of Jack the Ripper

A History of Domestic Violence

By Tim Lambert Domestic violence or partner-on-partner violence is probably as old as the human race. In 1655 Massachusetts Bay Colony in North America decreed ‘No man shall strike his wife nor any woman her husband’. The punishment was a heavy fine or corporal punishment. This was one of the first laws in the Western… Continue reading A History of Domestic Violence