A History of Television

By Tim Lambert Today television is the main form of entertainment for millions of people worldwide. The word is made up of the Greek word ‘tele’ meaning ‘far off’ and the Latin word for vision ‘sight’. John Logie Baird the man who invented television was born in 1888. Baird invented a primitive system of television… Continue reading A History of Television

Pictures of Bruges

By Tim Lambert Bruges is a beautiful city in Belgium. While on a cruise I took these pictures. A market in Bruges Me in Bruges The Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges A canal in Bruges Eekhoetje is a very nice cafe in Bruges A clock in Bruges

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A History of Beheading in England

By Tim Lambert Beheading is an ancient method of punishment. St Alban was the first recorded British martyr. He was beheaded circa 305 AD in the Roman town of Verulamium, which is now called St Albans. In the Middle Ages, William the Conqueror introduced beading as a punishment for the upper class in England. Beheading… Continue reading A History of Beheading in England

A History of Photography

By Tim Lambert Photography in the 19th Century Photography is the art of capturing images. The word photography means drawing with light. It comes from the Greek words photos graphe. The word was coined by John Herschel in 1839. Photography began when people discovered that certain light-sensitive chemicals will ‘fix’ an image when exposed to… Continue reading A History of Photography

A History of Trousers

By Tim Lambert Early Trousers The Cro-Magnon people who lived in Europe during the last Ice Age wore trousers made from animal skins. In a cold climate trousers were practical clothing.  Much later, about 3,00 BC people in Central Asia wore trousers because they spent much time riding horses. Again, trousers were a practical form… Continue reading A History of Trousers

Pictures of Portchester

By Tim Lambert Portchester is a charming old community near Portsmouth. It is the site of a Roman fort. In the Middle Ages, a keep and other buildings were added. Portchester Castle has been used for different purposes through the ages. Porchester itself is known for its picturesque buildings. Portchester Castle Keep Another view of… Continue reading Pictures of Portchester

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Post a Guest Article With Links

By Tim Lambert Thank you for visiting my website Localhistories.org. I have always loved history and I have written articles on many aspects of history from towns and countries to daily life in the past and brief biographies. My website gets a large number of visitors. Some of them are looking for information to help… Continue reading Post a Guest Article With Links

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