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    By Tim Lambert Communications in Ancient Times The first means of communication was, of course, the human voice but about 3,200 BC writing was invented in Iraq and Egypt. It was invented about 1,500 BC in China. Other civilizations in central America like the Mayans also invented systems of writing. The next big step was… Continue reading A HISTORY OF COMMUNICATIONS
    By Tim Lambert Women’s Rights in The Ancient World Women’s Rights in Sumer In the Ancient World, women’s rights varied from one civilization to another. Sumer was the world’s first civilization. It arose about 3,500 BC in what is now Iraq. Sumerian women could own property such as land and slaves. They could also own… Continue reading A HISTORY OF WOMEN’S RIGHTS

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    By Tim Lambert Early Underwear The ancient Egyptians sometimes wore loincloths. The Romans also wore underwear. Both Roman men and women wore a loincloth or shorts called subligaculum. Women also wore a band of cloth or leather around their chest called a strophium. During the Middle Ages men wore linen shorts called braies but women… Continue reading A HISTORY OF UNDERWEAR
    By Tim Lambert Ancient Scotland During the ice age Scotland was uninhabited. However, when the ice melted forests spread across Scotland, and stone-age hunters moved there. By 6,000 BC small groups of people lived in Scotland by hunting animals like red deer and seals and by gathering plants for food. Then about 4,500 BC farming… Continue reading A BRIEF HISTORY OF SCOTLAND
  • Female Rulers in History
    By Tim Lambert Women Rulers in the Ancient World Kubaba Kubaba is the first recorded female ruler in history. She was queen of Sumer, in what is now Iraq about 2,400 BC. Sobekneferu Sobekneferu was ruler of Egypt around 1800 BC Hatshepsut Hatshepsut was ruler of Egypt. She was born about 1508 BC and she… Continue reading Female Rulers in History
  • A History of Drinks
    By Tim Lambert Early Drinks The original drink was, of course, water or Adam’s ale as it is sometimes called. However, when people invented farming they invented other drinks. It is believed that beer was invented before writing. Certainly in Egypt beer was a common drink. People drank it from large containers through straws (to… Continue reading A History of Drinks
    By Tim Lambert Education in Ancient Egypt Most children in Egypt did not go to school. Instead, boys learned farming or other trades from their fathers. Girls learned sewing, cooking, and other skills from their mothers. Boys from wealthy families sometimes learned to be scribes. They learned by copying and memorizing and discipline was strict.… Continue reading A HISTORY OF EDUCATION

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