10 Top Historical Films Worth Watching

  1. Casino (1995) Drama, Thriller – USA, France
    The story of Sam “Ace” Rothstein, appointed by mafia bosses to manage one of the largest hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. The film delves into not only the specifics of his work, his complex relationships with his wife Ginger and his hired enforcer Nicky Santoro, but also the crime-filled backstage of the gambling business in Las Vegas. Do not blame us if, after watching this movie, you would want to play at non-UK casino sites.
  2. Schindler’s List (1993) 
    USA Drama, Biography Duration: 195 minutes IMDb: 9.0.
    The German businessman Oscar Schindler (Liam Neeson) establishes a factory in Poland and hires workers from the Jewish ghetto. Initially, this helps the industrialist profit from cheap labor, but later it becomes a way to save over a thousand lives.
    The film is based on the novel “Schindler’s Ark” by Australian writer Thomas Keneally, which is based on the memories of participant Leopold Pfefferberg. Director Steven Spielberg had difficulty filming “Schindler’s List”. He was not ready to make a film about the Holocaust and offered the project to Sidney Pollack, Roman Polanski, and Martin Scorsese. They all declined. In the end, Spielberg did make the film, which subsequently won seven Oscars (and five more nominations), three Golden Globes, and several other significant awards.
    3. K-19
    The Widowmaker (2002) – Germany, Canada, UK, USA Drama, Thriller Duration: 138 minutes IMDb: 6.7 
    The film is based on real events that occurred with the first Soviet nuclear submarine, which suffered an accident due to malfunctions in the nuclear reactor in 1961. K-19 is a vivid testament to the heroism of Russian sailors who served on this submarine.
    The film showcases the heroism of Captain Alexei Vostrikov, who, amidst the Cold War, takes command of the nuclear submarine K-19 instead of its original captain, Mikhail Polenin. Vostrikov’s mission is to quickly prepare the submarine for submersion, whatever the cost.
    However, Vostrikov, Polenin, and the crew of K-19 could not have imagined everything that was expected of them. They could not have imagined the price they would pay for the haste in preparing the submarine for submersion…
    4. Cleopatra (1963)
    USA Biography, Drama Duration: 243 minutes IMDb: 7.0
    Cleopatra is willing to do anything to preserve the greatness of her people. Banished from the palace by her jealous brother, she restores her title with the help of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Obsessed with the idea of ​​uniting Egypt and Rome into one great empire, Cleopatra seduces Caesar and expects a child from him. When he is killed, she draws the attention of General Mark Antony to herself and finds in him a faithful ally. But at the moment when everything is practically ready for the creation of an unprecedented empire, Caesar’s successor Octavian declares war on both of them.
    5. Joan of Arc (1999)
    France, Czech Republic, USA Drama, Biography, War Duration: 160 minutes IMDb: 6.4 
    The Maid of Orleans, sincerely believing that she is being spoken to by God himself, becomes a great military leader. But even this cannot save her from accusations of heresy and execution.
    6. Spartacus (1960)
      USA Epic, Drama, Biography Duration: 197 minutes IMDb: 7.9
    The legendary story of the slave uprising led by the fearless and mighty gladiator Spartacus. He was a slave from Thrace. His strength and stature caught the attention of the gladiator school owner Lentulus, and soon Spartacus set out for Capua with a new master. He wins victories in battles. But he wants only one thing – freedom. And one day, along with his unfortunate comrades, Spartacus escapes from his prison. The gladiators break into a military camp and enlist fleeing slaves into their army. Soon, news of their raids on the homes of wealthy Romans reaches the Senate. Julius Caesar’s soldiers declare war on Spartacus’ army.
    7. The Duchess (2008)
    USA, UK, France, Italy Drama, Biography Duration: 105 minutes IMDb: 6.9.
    Georgiana marries the mature, cynical, and indifferent Duke of Devonshire while still very young. However, she only discovers later that he is indifferent and stingy with affection, but for now, it seems to her like the right decision. Beauty and charisma bring her success in society; she manages to become a trendsetter in fashion and style of that time. Natural intelligence and quick wit allow her to become an insightful political manipulator and get close to the highest circles. Love — the one thing she never managed to obtain.
    8. Mongol (2007) 
    Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan Drama, Adventure Duration: 126 minutes IMDb: 7.2
    An epic blockbuster about the great ruler and military leader Temujin, better known as Genghis Khan.
    “Do not despise the weak cub, he may turn out to be the son of a tiger,” says a Mongolian proverb. The boy Temujin became the ruler of the world, having gone through hunger, humiliations, and slavery. He was hunted, betrayed. He overcame everything; his strength and intelligence seemed superhuman. They were sustained by the love of Borte, Genghis Khan’s first and beloved wife, whom no one could take away from him. This is the story of a man who became a legend. The film’s budget is 10 million euros.
    9. A Royal Affair (2012) 
    Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany Drama, Romance Duration: 137 minutes IMDb: 7.5
    While the Danish King Christian VII prefers to spend his free time in Copenhagen’s brothels, his wife Caroline Matilda finds a close friend in a young German doctor, Johann Friedrich Struensee.
      10. Apollo 13 (1995) USA Adventure, History, Drama Duration: 140 minutes IMDb: 7.7
    The film depicts the failed lunar mission “Apollo 13” — one of the most dramatic moments in space exploration. In 1970, “Apollo 13” was supposed to be the third spacecraft to carry astronauts to the Moon. However, already on approach to the destination, a serious accident occurred aboard the ship, which not only canceled the landing but also posed a threat to the crew’s lives.

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