4 Haunted Casinos in the US

Gaming in any casino can get your heart racing, but sometimes, it can be for an entirely different reason. Casinos, like many other buildings, can hold haunting tales of dread, where anyone can find some of the most bizarre accidents, situations, and sightings. Whether true or not, these stories become part of the casino’s identity, driving visitors to come and investigate for themselves. The supernatural will always pique our interests, and casinos can combine the excitement of playing with the discovery of the unknown. For players who wish to find out for themselves and possibly get spooked, we recommend some of the places listed below.

1. The Las Vegas Luxor

All casinos have a theme. It’s what separates them from the rest, helps form a brand, and attracts visitors. The Luxor is obviously inspired by Egyptian mythology, from its pyramid and sphinx placed front and center. And it is precisely these Egyptian symbols that have inspired various tales of ghosts and hauntings. Egyptian religion and practices are known for being closely tied to the dead and the afterlife, which may be the fundamental cause behind the tales. Whether they are true or not, it’s always better to gamble at an online casino and discover what each offers in terms of bonuses, crypto integration, gaming lineups, and more that you won’t find at land-based options (source: https://www.sportscasting.com/online-casinos/bitcoin/). For some players, enjoying casinos from the comfort of their homes, and at their leisure, may sound better than getting spooked by ghosts.

But for those keen on discovering and going on a ghostly adventure, folk tales speak of supernatural phenomena in rooms and corridors. The Egyptian symbols have allegedly summoned mystical forces that haunt the Luxor, and there are some concrete stories. Several workers have tragically died during the construction of the Luxor, so now their ghosts haunt the hallways they helped build. In 2006, there was a car explosion where one more person tragically died, so now its spirit roams the hallways. At night, when guests are retreating to their rooms to rest, is when supposedly ghosts roam and frighten all those who disturb their rest in the pyramids of Luxor.

2. The Las Vegas Flamingo

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, so it’s no wonder many tales of haunted casinos stem from it. During the 40s through 60s, mobsters and gambling, were closely associated. The gritty blend of the outlaw life, mobster business, shady casinos, betrayal, riches, and a hard-knock life has even found its way into cinemas.

But Bugsy Siegel was no fictional character and is considered one of the leading mobsters who transformed Nevada from an arid desert to what we know today. Many such criminals have their place in history and are tied to certain cities. Al Capone in Chicago, Jack the Ripper in London, and Bugsy Siegel in Las Vegas are some of the more prominent names. Just like most mobsters have found their demise, Bugsy got killed during a shoutout in 1974, but tales exist of his spirit, which now haunts the Flamingo, which he funded and helped construct.

Several eyewitnesses have sworn Bugsy spirit still resides in the Presidential lounge or by the pool, where a mobster like Bugsy would like to frolic. Visitors can, of course, stay away from these sites or visit crypto gambling sites but if you really want to see and investigate for yourself, then the Flamingo is a perfect haunted vacation destination for you.

3. The Bally’s Resort and Casino

On November 21st, 1980, one of the greatest fire tragedies in US history occurred. 85 people died in the fire, which started on the first floor and spread through the casino and into the North Tower. Tragic tales say unlucky individuals even leaped from their windows to avoid the fire and smoke. And while the Bally’s Resort and Casino fire remains one of the largest in Nevada history, just like The Great Fire is for London, it has also sparked some good discussions about fire safety laws.

Where there is smoke, there is fire, and such tragedies often lead people to talk about the real reason for the flame and its aftermath. 85 people died in a gruesome way, leading to folk tales of ghosts that roam the hotel halls, scaring guests, spreading a cold atmosphere, and seeking justice. The greatest concentration of poltergeist tales is in the North Tower, which is where most people have died. Strange and horrifically disfigured ghostly bodies from burned victims are sighted in Bally’s Resort and Casino by many visitors, bringing ill-fame to tales of ghost sightings and bone-chilling experiences far and wide.

4. The Atlantic City Resorts International

World War II was an unforgettable horror tale on its own, but it has also left scars that will never heal. Tragic tales from the front line and in the wake of wars devastation and plenty, but horror also occurred away from the frontlines. Death occurred in hospitals for those injured during the war, and Atlantic City Resorts International was repurposed as a hospital for air corpsmen during World War II.

Many of them have, unfortunately, passed away while staying, and when the war finally ended, the hospital returned to being a casino. But the stories remained and flourished, where visitors claimed to have seen ghosts of soldiers in the halls and rooms where they died. Cold and early presence at the top-most floors is present, even though the building is a sturdy brick-and-mortar. Ghost sightings and rumors spread like wildfire, leading to many people staying and telling tales of the entire resort waiving during strong winds despite the utmost improbability of such an event. Banshies of the Boardwalk is a popular tour today that tells each visitor a tragic tale.

Whether the tales of dead soldiers are true or not, Atlantic City Resorts International has had a grim and unfortunate past. They tried to do the right and human thing by helping soldiers recover, which for some ended in the worst way possible. Today, it could be possible that these soldiers still roam the halls of a building in a country they laid their lives to protect.

True or false, scary or thought-provoking, ghost tales from US casinos are all part of the charm. They drive visitors who wish to experience everything a casino can offer, including its rich history. But it’s always wise to be careful what you ask for. Sometimes, your wishes can come true.

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