A Riveting History of Games

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How it all Started

If we look back, we will trace the origins of games to prehistoric times. Our ancestors globally had many bone-based games like the Talus bone. However, there was also an association of these games with oracle and fortune-telling.

From the Mesopotamian sites, we came across several carved and painted stones. The pieces were also found across Iraq and Syria. Here we also noted the presence of board games. However, we also noted that these board games were popular entertainment for the rich or the royals.

The Game of Twenty Squares, or Royal Game of Ur as it was called, was discovered in Egypt. It was also found to be a popular game and even a fortune-telling game used in Babylon. They have been around since 3000 BCE. However, we can also come across more such games from Syria, Iran, and even as far as Sri Lanka.

Romans also had their own game of Ludu Duodecim Scriptorum. Another board game discovered from Egyptian burial sites in 3100 BCE was quite popular. Dice games were another common game, and they also had origins back in those times.

Egyptians were leaders of this game, and they also created a board game of Hounds and Jackals. These had several animal figurines or heads of dogs, and it was designed as a race. The figures had to race from one end to the other.

How Games Traveled

These were the times people started traveling and exploring new countries through conquests. Soon the Arabs also got a taste of games, and they also gave the world the concept or abstract of their version of chess design. The Abbasid Caliphs loved the game, and soon, the rest of the world started talking about it. Well, they also spread the game around the globe. The Mongols, and the Turks, everyone started playing it. Soon, they also developed the Polo. It was created in Persia and then came up with playing cards which soon became popular across Asia and Egypt.

How Newer Games were Created

It was in 2300 BC when several dice games became a hit in the Harappan civilization. It stayed and was approved and played in all monasteries and by the royals. Hop-scotch was a popular game, as was Ashtapada and Dasapada races. Chaturanga was a prequel to the Chess game, and it also traveled to Central Asia and China. The game featured armies of elephants, chariots, horses, and soldiers. Their concept was based on a real battleground and hence, a lot relatable to the kings then.

It was called Chaturaji, which became Shatranj. Even Snakes and Ladders was previously called Vaikuntapaali. It has been here since the 2nd century AD. Chaupar was another gambling game that won the attention of Akbar the Great.

More Modern Games were Added

Gambling also is quite old, and people betted on whether there would be rain or not. This kind of betting was prevalent all around the old and medieval times. The Chinese also should be mentioned here since they also played games that have evolved a lot in these times.

Our evolution of games has been gradual, and we should credit this to our forefathers.

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