A Timeline of Women Scientists

By Tim Lambert

Early Woman Scientists

c 546 BC Theano of Crotona a great woman mathematician is born

c. 150 BC Aglaonike a woman astronomer lives

415 AD Hypatia a woman astronomer and mathematician dies

c. 1100 Trota of Salerno, a famous woman doctor lives

c. 1200 Rebecca Guarna another famous woman doctor lives

1326 Alessandra Giliani dies. She was a famous anatomist.

1556-1643 Sophia Brahe was a horticulturist and astronomer

1610-1644 Maria Cunitz was an astronomer

1670-1720 Maria Kirch was another astronomer

1676-1707 Maria Clara Eimmart was an astronomer

1706-1749 Emilie du Chatelet a great woman physicist lives

1711-1778 Laura Bassi was a famous physicist

1716-1774 Anne Manzolini lives. She was an anatomist.

1718-1799 Maria Agnesi was a famous mathematician

1723-1788 Nicole-Reine Lepaute was an astronomer

1724-1766 Jane Colden was a botanist

1750-1848 Caroline Herschel, was a great woman astronomer

1776-1831 Sophie Germain was a mathematician

1780-1872 Mary Somerville was a mathematician

1799-1847 Mary Anning a paleontologist lives

1799-1871 Anna Atkins was a botanist

1818-1889 Maria Mitchell was a famous astronomer

1822-1907 Elizabeth Agassiz lives. She was a naturalist.

1831-1888 Rachel Bodley a famous chemist lives

1847-1921 Mary Whitney was an astronomer

1850-1891 Sofia Kovalevskaya was a mathematician

Modern Woman Scientists

1854-1923 Hertha Ayrton was a physicist

1857-1911 Williamina Fleming lives. She was an astronomer.

1858-1934 Elizabeth Britton a biochemist lives

1858-1931 Charlotte Scott a mathematician lives

1863-1941 Annie Cannon an astronomer lives

1867-1934 Marie Curie, the famous physicist lives

1868-1921 Henrietta Leavitt an astronomer lives

1869-1940 Maude Abbott lives. She was a cardiologist.

1878-1968 Lise Meitner was a physicist

1878-1951 Dorothea Bate a paleontologist lives

1879-1960 Agnes Arber was a botanist

1879-1960 Maud Menten a biochemist lives

1882-1935 Emmy Noether was a mathematician

1884-1982 Helene Deutsch lives. She was a psychologist.

1885-1952 Karen Horney, a German psychoanalyst lives

1896-1957 Gerty Cortia was a biochemist

1898-1980 Rachel Brown was also a biochemist

1898-1997 Katherine Esau was a botanist

1899-1994 Charlotte Auerbach was a geneticist

1899-1964 Roger Arliner Young was a zoologist

1900-1986 Honor Fell was a biologist

1902-1992 Barbara McClintock was a geneticist

1905-1993 Helen Sawyer Hogg was an astronomer

1902-1979 Sidnie Manton was a zoologist

1903-1976 Gladys Emerson was a nutritionist

1903-1971 Kathleen Lonsdale was a crystallographer

1906-1972 Maria Goeppert-Mayer was a physicist

1906-1992 Grace Hopper a mathematician lives

1909-1975 Marguerite Perey was a physicist

1910-1994 Dorothy Hodgkin was a biochemist

1912-1997 Chien-Shiung Wu was a nuclear physicist

1917-1952 Sameera Moussa was a nuclear physicist

1919-2020 Margaret Burbidge was an astronomer

1920-1958 Rosalind Franklin was a molecular biologist

1932-1985 Dian Fossey was a zoologist

1934- Jane Goodall is a zoologist

1935- Sylvia Mead is a marine biologist

Last revised 2024

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