Are Football and Soccer the Same: The British Origin of It All

Football is the most liked and known sport across the world. Little wonder there are many football themed games in the most popular online casino that offer free $50 pokies no deposit on sign up. However, despite the popularity of football, many people are still confused about the difference between the word football and the word soccer.

This is because the two sports’ names refer to the same game. For instance, while Americans called it soccer, the British called it football. This content will help you understand how the names came about and if there is any difference.

How the Name ‘Football’ Changed to ‘Soccer’

The sport ‘Football’ was called ‘Association football’ during its early days in America. Nevertheless, there is no agreement to this name across the world. The name association of football was employed to differentiate the game from other types of football. This is because there is also rugby football.

As a result, many other countries give this game of 22 players a name based on their native languages. More so, the name was introduced in 1863 during the time the English football association gave the first rules of the game. This was different from the rules of other football games played during that time.

At the time the 22 player football game was Christened ‘Association Football’, it also became well known among the British; they are people we love to abbreviate words. Hence, they shortened the name to ‘Assoc’. Furthermore, due to their custom of joining ‘er’ to some categories of words in England in the late 1800s. It gives birth to the name ‘Soccer’ which is the same sport as football recognized by the football association.

Differences Between Football and Soccer

Football is a general name given to a game involving two teams competing to score more than one another within a set amount of time. In different countries of the world, different variations of football are played, including Association football, Rugby football, Gaelic football, and Gridiron football. Summarily, football is a term used for all kinds of football games. On the other hand, Soccer is a name given during the re-christening of Association football played with the foot. Nevertheless, both football and soccer are games across the world.

Comparative Analysis Between Soccer and Football

While football and soccer have the same origin, nowadays they do have their differences. Check out this comparative analysis we’ve compiled below.


Football is the general name for all types of football games that use either foot or hands; Association football, Rugby, Gridiron, and so on. On the other hand, soccer is also referred to as Association football; it is a name adopted in America, Australia, and Canada to call the common popular football sports.


Football games like rugby football are mostly played in America and Canada. Soccer is a football game widely played by the majority of countries.

Use of Hand

In Football games like rugby football, you can score a goal in this sport with your hand or your foot. In soccer, it is totally prohibited for four players to touch the ball with their hands. Players are only allowed to use their foot, head, or chest.


Football uses a ball that measures a diameter of 56 cm in the center, while its length is 28 cm. Also, the football has a weight of 0.875 pounds, while the shape of the football has a spheroid form.

The shape of a soccer ball is spherical, while the circumference of a soccer ball is between the range of 68 to 70 cm. Additionally, the average soccer ball weighs between 410 and 450 g and it has a pressure between 8.5 to 15.6 pounds.

Field of Play

The sport of American football uses a field that is approximately 50 m wide and 110 m long. A soccer field measures between 100 to 1 and 10 m in length, while its width is usually between 64 to 75 m.


The objective of American football and rugby is to score points when the ball is kicked into a goalpost. Also, goals can be scored when a player kicks the ball past the opposition’s touchline. Anytime the ball crosses the touchline, it is referred to as a touchdown.

Scoring a goal is the main objective of a soccer game. The acceptable method of scoring a goal is that the ball must cross the goal line using either free kicks, penalties, or corner kicks. In addition, the games have a goalkeeper whose job is to stop the ball from going past the goal line so that the opposition team will not score a goal. Overall, the games are as intense as top casino games can be sometimes.


The American football sport allows for as many substitutes as necessary. there is no limit to the substitution that can be made. A game called soccer permits just three substitutions.


Football is broken into 4 quarters with 15 minutes for each quarter. The second quarter ends with a half-time break. Also, there can be frequent stops in the game. Soccer lasts 90 minutes and it is split into two 45 minute halves. There is usually an intermission after the first 45 minutes. If the game ends in deadlock after the whole 90 minutes, extra time will be given. If it is still a deadlock, penalties will be used to decide the game or match.


Football is primarily known for its NFL games and college football tournaments. There are several soccer tournaments across the nations of the world. Although the most significant one is the FIFA world cup. There are also the premier league, UEFA champion, bundesliga, and many others.

Similarities between Football and Soccer Sports

Despite the number of differences between these two Sports, there are still some similarities. They include the following:

  • Both soccer and American football feature two competing teams with 11 players each.
  • Despite the variation in width and length, soccer and football use a rectangular field.
  • Regardless of the differences in number, substitutions are permitted in both sports.
  • Both games use a game post, although there is a distinction in size.
  • Both are physical contact games.

Is Us the Only Country That Refers to Football as Soccer

Football is a sport played by many nations throughout the world, but Americans frequently refer to it as soccer. According to the rules, two teams of 15 players each played rugby in England in 1823, the name “football” has been associated with that sport. Notwithstanding, the following countries referred to football based on their native languages:

  • Spanish – el fútbol
  • French – le foot / le football
  • Dutch – het voetbal
  • German – der Fußball
  • Italian – il calcio
  • Brazilian Portuguese – o futebol
  • European Portuguese – o futebol


In a nutshell, the word football is a general term employed to describe a wide range of sports that is played using either foot or hands to score a goal. The football association first called what is known as the word soccer today ‘Assoc’. More so, the name ‘Football’ is used by many countries of the world, while Soccer is peculiar to America, Canada, and Australia. So, soccer and football can mean the same thing depending on the rules or context.

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