A Timeline of Cambridge

By Tim Lambert 875 The Danes create a fortified settlement at Cambridge. In the 10th century, Cambridge is captured by the English. 1010 The Danes burn Cambridge. However, it is soon rebuilt. c. 1025 The Church of St Benet is built 1068 The Normans build a castle at Cambridge 1086 Cambridge has a population of about 2,000 c. 1107 The Round… Continue reading A Timeline of Cambridge

11 Ways to Make Your iPhone or iPad Your Best Tool

With Apple’s introduction of iPadOS, the possibilities for its biggest touch screen have expanded. No longer just a bigger version of your iPhone – iPads now offer exclusive capabilities designed to maximize the extra real estate! From split-screen tweaks and trackpad support to cursor control in apps, unlock all these new features and make your… Continue reading 11 Ways to Make Your iPhone or iPad Your Best Tool

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A Timeline of Galway

By Tim Lambert 1232 Richard de Burgh creates a town at Galway 1296 Franciscan friars arrive in Galway 1320 The Church of St Nicholas is built 1396 Galway is made a royal borough 1473 Galway suffers a fire 1484 Galway gains a mayor. Galway has a population of about 3,000. 1488 Dominican friars arrive in Galway 1500 Galway suffers another fire 1505 The main… Continue reading A Timeline of Galway

A Timeline of Limerick

By Tim Lambert 922 The Vikings found Limerick 1194 The English capture Limerick 1197 Limerick is given a charter 1200-1210 King John’s Castle is built 1642 An Irish army enters Limerick 1651 The English besiege Limerick 1691 Limerick is besieged again 1769 Limerick Customs House is built 1803 The Old Town Hall is built 1811… Continue reading A Timeline of Limerick

A Timeline of Ayr

By Tim Lambert 1197 A castle is built by the River Ayr 1205 King William the Lion creates a burgh at Ayr. The little town has weekly markets. 1230 Dominican Friars (Black Friars) come to Ayr 1261 Ayr is granted an annual fair. Ayr is a busy little port with a population of about 1,500.… Continue reading A Timeline of Ayr