A History of Banking

By Tim Lambert The Beginning of Banks The idea of banks began as long ago as 1,800 BC in Babylon. In those days moneylenders made loans to people. In Greece and Rome banks made loans and accepted deposits. They also changed money. (In the Bible Jesus famously drove the money changers out of the temple… Continue reading A History of Banking

A History of Biscuits

By Tim Lambert Early Cakes and Biscuits The word biscuit is derived from the Latin words bis cotus, meaning twice baked. The idea of making biscuits goes back to the Romans. However, biscuits, as we know them, were developed in the Middle Ages. People have eaten pancakes since the Middle Ages. (The earliest recipe dates… Continue reading A History of Biscuits

A History of Board Games

By Tim Lambert Dedicated to Lee and Sarah Spragg People have been playing board games since civilization began. A board, dice, and counters were found in Ur in Iraq dating from 3,000 BC. Egyptians also played a board game called Senet. The board was divided into squares with counters. You threw sticks rather than dice.… Continue reading A History of Board Games

A History of Bras

By Tim Lambert Ancient Greek women wore a form of bra called an apodesme. Women also wore a band of cloth or leather around their chest called a strophium or mamilare. However for hundreds of years after the fall of Rome women usually did not wear anything for support. From the 16th century to the… Continue reading A History of Bras

A History of Children

By Tim Lambert Life for children in the past was hard and dangerous. In the past, many of the children born died before they could grow up. As many as 25% of children died before their fifth birthday. As many as 40% of the people born died before they were 16. Even if they survived… Continue reading A History of Children

A History of Chocolate

By Tim Lambert Early Chocolate Chocolate is made from the fruit of the cocoa tree, which is native to Central America. It grows large round fruits containing seeds or beans, which are used to make chocolate. However, for centuries people drank chocolate rather than ate it. People in Central America drank chocolate as early as… Continue reading A History of Chocolate

A History of Clocks

By Tim Lambert Early Clocks Today we take knowing the time and the day of the year for granted but for our ancestors, it was far more difficult. Until mechanical clocks were invented in the 13th century there were various ways of telling the time. The earliest method of telling the time of day was… Continue reading A History of Clocks