Famous Irish Women

By Tim Lambert

Saint Brigid c. 450-525

She founded the first monastery in County Kildare

Maria Edgeworth 1768-1849 Writer

Ellen Hutchinson 1785-1815 Botanist

Catherine Hayes 1818-1861 Opera singer

Agnes Mary Clerke 1824-1907

She was an astronomer. She wrote about astronomy and other subjects. She wrote a famous book about astronomy which simplified the subject for Victorian readers.

Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed 1860-1934 Mountaineer

Katharine Tynan 1861-1931 Poet

Annie Scott Dill 1868-1947 She was an astronomer and mathematician

Dr Kathleen Lynn 1874-1955 She was a doctor and a Sinn Fein activist

Lilian Bland 1878-1971 Pilot

Delia Larkin 1879-1949 Trade unionist

Mary Swanzy 1882-1978 Artist

Sara Allgood 1883-1950 Actress

Evie Hone 1894-1955 Artist

Lady Mary Heath 1896-1939 Pilot

Mainie Jellett 1897-1944 Artist

Donagh MacDonagh 1912-1968 Writer

Maureen O’Hara 1920-2015 Actress

Sybil Connolly 1921-1998 Fashion designer

Kay McNulty 1921-1998 Computer programmer

Jennifer Johnston 1930- Writer

Jocelyn Bell Burnell 1943- Scientist

Brenda Fricker 1945- Actress

Ann Murray 1949- Singer

Gemma Craven 1950- Actress/singer

Mary McAleese 1951 President of Ireland

Mary Morrisy 1957- Writer

Enya 1961- Singer

Sinead O’Connor 1966- Singer/songwriter

Sonia O’Sullivan 1969- Athlete

Katie Taylor 1986- Boxer

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