History’s Most Notorious Gamblers

Not many pastimes have remained popular for most of human history, but gambling stood the test of time. You may have first-rate success with online gambling at the online casinos found at https://www.maplecasino.ca. While having fun, you can also guarantee you’re at the right online casino.

This article talks about history’s most notorious gamblers. If you’re interested, keep reading.

List of the Most Notorious Gamblers

Some celebrities are all too aware of the allure of gambling as a source of pleasure and glitz. Casinos have always been a popular hangout for notables from many walks of life, including actors and crime lords. Players who have taken significant risks hoping for a large financial reward are listed below.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is regarded as one of the game’s all-time best players. So, few would be shocked if they saw Phil at a gambling table. Even yet, it is the only location where you can bet a large sum of money that he’ll be playing.

Ivey won almost ten million dollars in an Atlantic City casino in a baccarat game. After that, he won another $11 million in a London casino. Legal action was taken against Phil when accusations of infidelity surfaced. Robbed of his modest fortune, Phil gave up.

Though it would be interesting to speculate on how much money Ivey earned or lost in gambling worldwide, such an exact sum would be unknowable.

Phil Hellmuth

Poker takes time and effort, just like any other sport. Phil Hellmuth has broken some records in the World Series of Poker. It’s been a proponent of marketing for over 30 years. However, the years have not always been kind to Hellmuth’s. Hellmuth has been called out for his childish play during his career. In particular, Hellmuth tends to lose his cool after losing a poker hand. 

His temper has made him one of the most infamous gamblers, and he’s acquired the moniker “Poker Brat” as a result. Hellmuth has a history of letting his emotions get the best of him. This usually leads to his ejection from the game within a few hands.

Archie Karas

For many locals in Sin City, Archie Karas comes to mind when they think of legendary gamblers. Karas possessed a massive heater, if not the largest. The shrewd poker player risked just $50 at the beginning of his streak and amassed more than $40 million. 

In fact, the world’s top poker players were falling to him like flies. Karas’s winning run ended like so many others before it. He lost it all.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is just one of several male stars who has tried his hand at poker. Even though Affleck had been a good poker player for years, his passion for blackjack made him a household name. 

After allegations of card counting surfaced against him in 2014, Affleck was barred from playing in Las Vegas. Affleck has since implied that the casino may have tried to prevent him from leaving with so much cash because he was just too skilled.

Discover More About the Gambling

Gambling is entertaining, and the possibility of financial gain adds to the excitement. However, a small percentage of players cross the line and acquire a reputation as dangerous swindlers. Many novice gamers may mature into responsible gamblers by reflecting on their errors.

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