“I Have a Dream” Speech: one of many important points in Martin Luther King’s life

Martin Luther King’s speech is an important part of human rights history and a piece of American and world cultural heritage. All the students who are interested in persuasive speaking study “I have a dream” at the university. Martin Luther King’s speech motivated society for positive chances and protection of Afro-Americans in the legislation and all possible spheres of life. This speech is the most famous in the 20th century and thanks to it the active fight against racism began. Let’s analyze Martin Luther’s peacemaking activity and “I have a dream” in detail.

Martin Luther King facts

He is an interesting personality with a biography that can inspire everyone. Martin Luther King is an American pastor and a famous activist for Afro-Americans’ rights. His main idea is equality in each detail: the possibility to use the same public transport, study at the same school, and so on. He was against segregation and the war in Vietnam. Martin Luther King served as a pastor at the Baptists Church at Montgomery. Moreover, he is the author of the book “Where we go from here: chaos or community?” which was published in 1967. Martin Luther King got the Nobel prize for peace in 1964. But the most famous of his achievements is the “I have a dream” speech, declared on the 28th of August 1963. It is a culmination of the movement for civil rights of the Afro-Americans from 1955—to 1968.

The senses of “I have a dream speech”

The main idea of the speech is to protest against discrimination and to fight for freedom and equality. It is like a sermon with references to the Bible, the US Constitution, and the Declaration of US Independence. Martin Luther King has used many examples from history. There are also comparisons, bright images and antithesis (light and dark), and so on. Repetition is the trait that helps to focus the attention of a listener. It is a speech about all the pain of the Afro-Americans communities. Many people were killed and wounded because of slavery and history is full of tragedies. And it’s high time to change this negative scenario. Moreover, you can read a lot of essays on “I have a dream” speech on the Internet and use free writing samples. Many sources of information are available on the Internet.

Speech as the rhetoric masterpiece

As was mentioned before, “I have a dream” is a cultural heritage and a great lesson for the next generations both to praise freedom and equality and to proclaim persuasive speeches. Martin Luther King was heard because of his passionate and emotional words. He expressed all the pain of the Afro-Americans and said every phrase with a soul. It is the best speech of the 20th century and a real rhetoric masterpiece. All the people that want to persuade effectively should pay attention to Martin Luther King’s speech. It is a part of education in history, law, or sociology. And you have surely heard about this speech at the university campus.

The consequences of delivering a speech

Martin Luther King was heard not only by the public but also by Kennedy’s administration. His speech motivated the state servants for legislative changes and minority rights protection. Thanks to such a speaker the Afro-Americans’ rights movement has achieved great results and equality was considered one of the main values. One of the most fun facts about Martin Luther King jr. is that the author’s rights in the speech were registered. And his family members enjoy these rights now.

The bottom line

The word is power. “I have a dream” is the brightest example of it. Martin Luther King is a very brave person who could persuade everyone, even the most ignorant person. He was a personality who can change history and he is among the most famous peacemakers in the world. And “I have a dream” is a symbol of human rights protection, free lives of Afro-Americans, and cultural heritage as a whole.

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