Is Exotic Wedding Location Worth the Money?

Destination weddings have always been popular and remain a great idea for many couples. It is perfect for travel lovers and people looking for a more intimate ceremony with fewer guests. And you can also combine honeymoon and wedding in one package. 

However, before you start planning, it is important to consider all the ins and outs of such a decision. Here is what goes into destination weddings and what factors make them worth it for couples.

Planning Takes Time

Weddings are not easy to plan; it is not a secret. And when it comes to a distant location, one might need a little bit more time for that. This is the first thing to consider – you’ll need to start early. By etiquette, save-the-date letters for such ceremonies are sent 8-12 months before the big day. So your guests can make their plans accordingly. 

Devoting more time to planning might be challenging for professionals with full-time jobs or college students who need to tackle lots of responsibilities. With college curriculums and part-time employment, time becomes a valuable resource. You have to meet assignment deadlines, visit classes, and juggle endless papers. 

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The earlier you start planning, the easier and cheaper the ceremony will be. Early booking of residences and flights allows for cutting costs. 

It Might Be Even Cheaper

When people think about exotic and peaceful destinations to get married, they might assume that it is a luxury they cannot afford. However, it is not the case. In many situations, going abroad is cheaper than hosting a traditional ceremony at home, particularly for residents of the US or the UK. For instance, a beach ceremony might cost around $20,000, while the average wedding in New York costs about $100,000.

The actual price depends on several factors: 

  • the location (currency exchange rates and local prices for vendors); 
  • the flights; 
  • number of guests; 
  • the event itself, accommodation, and included activities; 
  • wedding attire and decorations; 
  • available group discounts. 

For example, many destinations offer special deals for such events. And the fewer guests you take with you, the lower the price will be. Of course, the choices depend on your budget and opportunities, but exotic destination weddings are often cheaper. That’s why they are popular among young professionals and students. 

And considering that you’ll get to travel to a beautiful sight and have an amazing memory, it is worth the money. It allows for hosting a unique event that you two won’t forget. Getting married at a beach or near the lake in Tuscany is one of the ways to have a unique ceremony with only the closest by your side. 

Reasons to Choose Destination Wedding

Besides the opportunity to visit and enjoy an exotic location, there are other reasons why one might plan a summer trip instead of celebrating at home. Here are the main ones to think about. 

  • In the majority of cases, it is more affordable. 
  • With a resort celebration, you do not need to worry about a multitude of details as there is a professional staff to take care of everything. 
  • It might be less stressful as all the planning is up to you, without input from friends and relatives. This is a great option for those who want to make all the decisions themselves. 
  • You’ll be able to take fewer guests with you. For some, it might be a disadvantage if they dream of a big event with 300 people to invite. But if you want an intimate celebration with only close friends and family, this is the way to go. 
  • You can get married and have a honeymoon all in one. 
  • Stunning scenery means fewer decorations are needed. You do not need much decorating with a wonderful view of mountains or sea waves. This means less planning and less spending as well. 

Another benefit to remember is that many locations offer alcohol included in marriage packages. 

How to Plan the Wedding

Here are some tips on planning your far destination ceremony. 

Start With a Checklist

Include all the steps that need to be done. Put the deadlines in. Make them a bit flexible so that there is room for changes as surprises occur. 

Choose the Place

Probably the biggest decision you’d need to make is to select where to head. First, imagine your special day. What should the weather and the general atmosphere be like? How do you want to spend this day? 

Figure Out the Budget

Be reasonable with what you can and are willing to spend. The key here is to prioritize what is essential for you two. If you need to save money, opt for local vendors. When selecting flowers and decorations, try to go local as well; it is going to be more affordable and sustainable. 

Set on a Venue

The next step is to find the right venue. It needs to host the wedding party and have all things you need, whether it is a bar or a place for children to have fun. The options are almost limitless, from beach ceremonies to forest weddings and private villas. 

Create a Guest List

Based on the budget and the venue, write a list of people you want to invite. The main thing about destination weddings is that you cannot invite too many people. Some of them might not be able to come because of personal reasons. Others might find it expensive. 

Select the closest and most important people in your life and give them notice ahead. 

Take Care of Papers

Prepare all the documents you’ll need to get married. These can differ from one country to another. Usually, they include passports, birth certificates, change of name papers, and marriage licenses. In some countries, you’ll need to establish residency first. It can take about 48-72 hours, so be aware that you’ll need to come there a couple of days before the actual ceremony. 

In addition, find out what papers your guests will need to come, like visas. Let them know about it beforehand so they can also prepare for the trip. 

Choose Theme and Color

This step is the same as with any other ceremony. Plan the overall style, color palette, and theme of the event. Let the guest know what you expect of them in this regard. 

Also, take care of seating, food, and drinks. It is quite helpful to work with a local agent that can handle all of these details. 

Another great tip is to help guests with accommodation. In the majority of cases, they are expected to pay for their accommodation themselves. But it would be nice to offer them a selection of options where they can stay in the different price ranges. 


An exotic wedding location is worth the money if you are looking for an intimate and beautiful ceremony with your loved one. It can even save you the budget compared to celebrating at home. But it does take time and effort to plan. 

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