My Pictures of Petersfield

By Tim Lambert

Here are some pictures I took of the charming old town of Petersfield in Hampshire. It has been a market town since the 12th century. Today it is still flourishing.

Sheep Street

The Spain

Petersfield Police Station is now a museum

I recommend Petersfield Museum

St Peters Church Petersfield

St Peters Church from the front

King William III in the Market Square

Rams Walk Petersfield

Frenchmans Road got its name because French officer POWs held in Petersfield used to exercise there.

A war memorial

Petersfield Town Hall and Festival Hall

A view of Petersfield Lake

The road by the lake

Another view of Petersfield Lake

Trees by the Lake

An old picture of Petersfield Pond (2018)

Petersfield Pond in 2015

Petersfield Pond in 2024

Petersfield Heath

Another view of Petersfield Heath

A Path by Tilmore Brook

Tilmore Brook

Petersfield Methodist Church

The 18th century poor house

The Red Lion, Petersfield

The Petersfield Christmas Tree 2023

Petersfield Christmas Lights 2023

A history of Petersfield

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