Pictures of my Trip to Canada And Alaska

By Tim Lambert

These are some pictures I took on a recent trip to Western Canada and during a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska. The scenery was breathtaking.


Me in Banff

Looking down on Banff

The view from a hotel room in Banff

The Canadian Rockies

Two colour rivers meet in the Canadian Rockies

A Bridge in the Canadian Rockies

A view from the outskirts of Kamloops


Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver

A view from a hotel room in Vancouver

Me having breakfast at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver

A cruise ship

A room on the ship

A view of Juneau


Me with a local resident in Juneau

Hubbard Glacier

Glacier Bay

Me with a glacier


St Michael’s Cathedral Sitka

Me in Sitka

Me with a local resident in Sitka



A road out of Skagway

Dolly’s House, Ketchikan

A stream in Ketchikan

A warm welcome awaits you in Ketchikan (from the bear anyway)

A local cider

Icy Point Strait

A statue of an orca at Icy Point Strait

Sailing from Alaska back to Vancouver

A fountain in Vancouver airport

Vancouver Airport

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