Why Is English The Global Language Of Today?

The world today is moving towards global citizenship. Collaboration between countries and communities is at an all-time high. People from different cultures and ethnicities work with each other on a daily and hourly basis. These people all speak local and regional languages and dialects. Today, there are over 7100 languages that are spoken around the globe. In such a world, the need for a common language of communication has become imperative. Only when people from different communities can speak a common language can they efficiently exchange ideas. This is the primary reason why at least one language needed to emerge as a global language.

English As A Global Language

The advent of English as a global language did not happen overnight. In fact, one of the biggest catalysts in making English a global language was the colonization of many countries by the British Empire. In this article, we explain this in detail and also explore a few other reasons why English has become a global language.

British Colonization Of The World

The British Empire is formed of many communities, countries, and geographical regions spread across all the world’s continents. British people started conquering the world in the late 15th century. They continued their conquests till the early 19th century and ruled most of their

conquered lands well into the 20th century. In total, they conquered 16 nations and communities, which today are known as the British Commonwealth of Nations. All these countries had large populations, and the local people spoke a plethora of languages. In order to communicate with the locals, the British brought their language along with them and taught it to the people. Today, although these nations have gained independence from British rule, they continue to speak the language in different capacities.

Influence Of the United States of America

The United States of America was the only country that was home to native English speakers even before European colonization. When Europe was involved in the first world war, America stayed as far as possible from it. However, America helped Europe in the World War II. By the time the two wars ended, European resources were severely depleted. At the same time, America was thriving in wealth and power. America started trading with people around the world. Since American traders communicated in English, again, English started gaining popularity.

America also invested a lot in technological advancements and education during the mid to late 20th century, and universities in America gained international recognition. Today, students worldwide move to America to gain an education from the premium institutions there. They learn English as the medium of instruction in schools and colleges in English. Students also have to write all their assignments in English. Sometimes, when a student is struggling with this, they take help from Is Accurate, which is a service that connects students with expert translation providers. The review services are expert translators who are fully proficient in English and countless other languages. With their help, learners can translate documents and other content into or from their target language.

English As A Trending Language

In the late 20th century and early 2000s, many people around the world dreamt of moving to America for better opportunities and higher earning potential. In 3rd world nations, moving to America was perceived as an achievement. People in these countries started learning English from books and the internet to comfortably move to America. Many wished that they could read and write like an English native so that they would get better employment opportunities. Today, with the presence of the internet, learning English has become even easier for most people to fulfil this desire.

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