11 Ways to Make Your iPhone or iPad Your Best Tool

With Apple’s introduction of iPadOS, the possibilities for its biggest touch screen have expanded. No longer just a bigger version of your iPhone – iPads now offer exclusive capabilities designed to maximize the extra real estate! From split-screen tweaks and trackpad support to cursor control in apps, unlock all these new features and make your iPad even more invaluable day by day. Here are the most useful iPad Air 4 tips and tricks. Also, many of these things apply to the iPhone, so don’t worry if you don’t have an iPad.

11 Best Tips for iPad and iPhone

Most likely, you are not using your devices to the fullest. There are more cool things to do with an iPad or iPhone to boost your productivity and get more out of your affordable device.

#1 Split the Keyboard

Give your iPad experience the familiar feel of an iPhone with its split keyboard! When you open up the full-sized feature at the bottom, long press on the right-hand corner key and select Undock to make it “float” like a mini phone. Or choose Split and activate two-finger pinch gestures for even more comfort while typing away – staying productive has never been easier. Did we mention that one swipe will turn your entire board into a trackpad? Let go of that space bar for complete control over cursor placement; think about how convenient this is when editing documents or writing emails in seconds flat!

#2 Voice-to-text

Working in construction often means dirt, gloves, and aching fingers as you type messages or take notes on an iPad – until now. Voice-to-text is the perfect solution for time-crunched workers looking to quickly document urgent issues on-site with minimal fuss. From punch list meetings where speed counts to taking quick field notes without all that typing, – voice recognition technology has finally answered the call of hardworking contractors everywhere!

#3 Convent PDF

To implement the plan, you need a special scanner app. With it, you can convert any picture to PDF. Nothing prevents you from recognizing text by converting PDF to word free. In fact, PDF Scanner App is needed very often, especially when you send documents over the network or work with text. From here you can DOWNLOAD an application that will quickly become one of the most requested on your device. It is especially useful to make PDFs from photos for those who work in the office or students in various institutions.

#4 Keyboard case for iPad

If you’re looking for the perfect way to maximize your productivity and give yourself a more comfortable typing experience, then look no further than iPad keyboard cases from Logitech or Apple. These protective covers let you switch seamlessly between taking pictures on-site with your tablet and writing out long texts without having to lug around both a laptop and an iPad!

#5 Drag and drop between apps

With the multitasking option, users can now move seamlessly between different apps with just a few simple taps and drag. Copy-pasting is so passe – use drag & drop to add text from Safari into Notes, or photos from Photos directly into Mail/Messages/Notes! You don’t even need multiple clicks – Apple Support’s video shows how you can select several items at once with ease. Time for some exciting changes on your device: upgrade to Split View today!

#6 Use the Apple Pencil

Unlock your creative potential with the Apple Pencil. Enjoy writing, drawing, and sketching on any iPad as if you were using an actual pen. Feel free to make mistakes – The Pencil has incredible sensitivity that allows for precise detail and accuracy when editing or creating documents from scratch! With customizable thicknesses, colors, and textures along with options like straight lines or pre-adjusted angles – Notability is here so you can get started right away without having to worry about perfectionism getting in the way of innovation.

#7 Split your screen

Streamline your workflow with the split-screen functionality for iPad! With it, you can use two or more apps at once without having to toggle between them – like when you have to refer back and forth between photos on one side versus documents on the other. Check out this article that explains how it works and view a video demonstrating its usage in action!

#8 Measuring accessories

With building projects ranging from a new kitchen to renovating your office, having the right measurements can make all the difference. While iPad and iPhone have their own built-in measuring app, taking it up another notch is easy with tools like Stanley’s Smart Measure Pro! This device attaches directly to phones or tablets to precisely gauge distances via an inbuilt laser – bringing construction accuracy right into your hands. Get the perfect fit for any project faster than ever before!

#9 Shoot the screen

Capturing screenshots on your iPad is a breeze! If you have an old-style Home button, press it and the sleep/wake button at once. But if not, pressing Power and Volume up together will work just as well. There’s even Apple Pencil support – simply swipe up from one of the bottom corners to take advantage of its intuitive functions like annotating afterward. And when it comes time for full motion video recordings, iOS provides all the necessary tools – so there’s no need to miss out on important moments or conversations ever again!

#10 Widget up your iPad

iPadOS 15 will bring a new level of personalization to the Home screen with its powerful widgets. By simply swiping right and entering edit mode, users can customize their Today View area by adding or deleting any widget they want! With just one tap on the plus button in Edit mode, you’ll find plenty of options for Apple apps like Contacts, Find My, and App Store as well as quick glances at information from your favorite apps – all accessible through an intuitive interface that allows you to place these tools anywhere on whatever page suits your needs best.

#11 Backup your iPhone and iPad

Don’t let your memories vanish into thin air! Back up all those precious family photos, videos from vacation, crucial notes, and documents stored on your iPhone or iPad. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that you never have another bad dream about losing an important paper at crunch time ever again.


The iPad is a powerful device capable of much more than just browsing the web or streaming movies. With these 11 tips, you can make the most out of your device and take advantage of all its features to get organized, save time, and be productive with ease! From multiple windows in apps like Notes to taking screenshots, and editing photos directly from Mail – you have a large arsenal of possibilities, all you have to do is implement them.

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