A Brief History of Doris Lessing’s Work

Doris May Lessing is the best British novelist. She won the Nobel Prize in 2007 so you can see how appreciated this writer was. She was born in Persia in 1919 (the territory is now Iran) and she wrote many novels and many short stories about political and social elements. She also lived in Southern Africa, hence the inspiration for some stories. She moved to London in 1949 and this is one of the most appealing parts of the creation. She was married to Frank Wisdom, a civil servant. This was the age when she worked as an operator. Sadly, Lessing’s life ended on 17 November 2013, aged 94. The work is impressive and the short story she wrote is special. Today we are going to briefly see the story of her work and why she was the ultimate novelist.

First Books and Awards

Lessing was a great writer and one with many published works which are always ideal. The first book she created was The Grass Is Singing (1950) and as you would expect it is a masterpiece. It told a story about a white farmer and their African servant in a southern Rhodesia farm. The book was very popular and had a huge historical ingredient to it. It is not something you can see at the world science fiction convention but had a huge role in getting the Nobel prize for literature to this novelist. The second book is This Was the Old Chief’s Country and it was released in 1951. It is impressive how she was able to create these many books in a short period of moments. The book tells a story about an interesting cat and focuses on Christmas-related elements.

We must add that the creation called The Black Madonna had a huge impact on the experience and the success. It is an amazing selection of stories that are even today extremely appealing and desirable. These were originally written by another writer a while back.

Thanks to some of these creations and more, Doris won many awards. Some of them are David Cohen British Literature Prize, Austrian State Prize for European Literature, Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature, James Tait Black Memorial Prize, Shakespeare-Preis der Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F. V. S., Hamburg, Los Angeles Times Book Prize, S.T. Dupont Golden PEN Award, WH Smith Literary Award, Somerset Maugham Award and many more. Doris was a writer like no other and this is one of the reasons why even today she is the golden novelist in the world. Doris completed Dominican Convent High School.

Doris Lessing

Doris Lessing: Best Creations

As you can assume, Doris was working on a new creation on a daily basis. That’s why we can see some of the best creations ever. Let’s start with her first creation. This made Doris so successful and popular across the United Kingdom and the planet. The Golden Notebook (1962) is another creation that made Lessing an astonishing novelist. Take into account that this masterpiece tells the story of women in the UK after World War II. They were in a hard position and had countless problems. Memoirs of a Survivor was released in 1975 and it was one of the rare and stunning creations of the decade. This is one of those you will have to read in order to know more.

Shikasta is a special point here. It was completed in 1979 and it told a story about a planet so advanced and so full of peace that all people want to live there. This is one of 5 SF creations here and the one that is just the best. If you like to read on this topic, make sure to add this creation to the list. Diary of a Good Neighbour was released in 1983 and it tells about Janna, a sad woman. She doesn’t have any children and her marriage ended. Her life will change when she meets an interesting woman in her 80s. You can imagine the scenario. The Good Terrorist (1985) is another special masterpiece. It is an interesting one and the first one that was published under the real name. See, she wrote as Jane Somers for quite some time. When Lessing returned to using her own name, this is a book she wrote and shared with the planet. Don’t forget that in 1982 John Leonard wrote an impressively detailed plot thanks to The Making of the Representative for Planet 8. This is another amazing creation thanks to Doris Lessing. Another interesting fact is that her literature is located in Texas, and held by Harry ransom humanities research. Lessing’s masterpieces are safe today. The notebook is still there if you are wondering. Lessing is the novelist to look for if you want to enjoy reading to the maximum.

All we can include here is that Doris Lessing was a special creator and mastermind. She enjoyed, loved family and she wrote about anything and everything which made her one of the versatile writers in the world, even today. There is a lot of series you will want to read about and you will want to check novels that include all rare options. If you want to start, begin with African Stories. These are the best and the most appealing. Martha Quest is another part of the massive creation list you need to know.

The Final Word

In this century, this writer is still the best and her creations are amazing, period. You can feel the sensations on your skin and you can enjoy reading for years. Thankfully, there are a lot of creations she shared with us. Enjoy, have fun and learn something useful. It is all possible and it is all you can get right now from enjoying these amazing creations.

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