Top 7 Not Boring Facts About British Universities

What do we know about British universities? People all over the world recognize them as some of the world’s best educational facilities. We also know that the majority of British universities have rich histories and were established many decades ago.

Among other facts, it is also known that over 50% of British students are facing ongoing academic challenges in school. And over 20% are using help me write my essay services to cope with their intensive curriculums. Yet, there is also so much that we don’t know.

If you are interested in learning more about universities in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have gathered the top seven fun historical facts about different British universities that you definitely want to know about!

  1. The Second Oldest University

As some of you may already know, the oldest higher education facility in the world is the University of Bologna, which was established in 1088. But, here is the first fact you should know – the second oldest higher education facility in the world is actually located in the UK.

The University of Oxford has a rich history and is widely known for its famous alumni, who included archbishops, prime ministers, Nobel laureates and prize winners, and even saints. The facility was established in 1096, less than ten years after the oldest university. You should agree that this is a rather impressive and fun fact.

  1. Unexpected Funding

Some schools can boast of funding from private organizations, large corporations, and even governmental organizations. But, only one educational facility in the entire world can boast of receiving funding from Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill is widely known as a famous politician and a wartime leader who helped the UK make its way to victory in World War II. However, not many know that apart from his political career, Churchill also funded a university. In 1963, he described the University of Essex as the “most commendable enterprise” and became one of its founding donors.

  1. Tea Parties for the Queen

Can you imagine seeing a real queen having her tea on campus? Apparently, anything is possible in Britain. Another fun fact about one of the UK’s educational facilities is that the late Queen Mother would sometimes come to Middlesex University for her afternoon tea.

Thanks to this fact, a cottage retreat on Middlesex University’s grounds became extremely popular among students as well. Up to now, students of this facility are regularly throwing afternoon tea parties in honor of the Queen.

  1. Set for a Cult Film

The next fact is about Brunel University. Being one of the most famous educational institutions in London, this facility has been immortalized in cinematography.

Though not everyone knows this, the university was used as a set for the cult film A Clockwork Orange. A few scenes in this movie were filmed right in the building of Brunel University.

  1. The Company of Ducks

If you wanted to hear a cute though weird fact, here it comes. The University of York, which is one of the top-ranked British universities, is home to a large population of students and… a whole bunch of ducks.

According to official stats, the facility’s campus hosts about 14 ducks for every quarter of an acre. So, in total, the students and visitors of this facility can enjoy a large company of over 50 ducks – no wonder why this place is so famous.

  1. Led Zeppelin’s First Time on Stage

Many of you probably heard about Led Zeppelin as one of the most cult music bands of all time. However, could you imagine that their first time on stage occurred on the campus? Well, that’s true, and that’s another fun fact you should know about the UK’s universities.

The first public performance of the big-named band took place on October 25, 1968, in the Great Hall, which is part of a well-known Surrey University based in Battersea. This was one of the life-changing performances for the members of Led Zeppelin. So, if you are a fan of their music, we bet that it was exciting to discover this fact.

  1. Romance on the Campus

Finally, this is the last and the most romantic fact about British universities. Not many know this, but there is one educational facility in the UK that is known for the highest rate of inter-student marriage.

This place is Durham University. According to stats, about 72% of all Durham’s students get married to their fellow students, either from the same or different classes. 

The Bottom Line

So, this was our list of the top seven not boring facts about British universities. Hopefully, it was exciting and fun for you to read. And, now, you definitely know more about the higher educational facilities in the UK.

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