A Timeline of Austria

By Tim Lambert

4th Century BC Celts live in what is now Austria

45 AD The Romans create the province of Noricum

4th Century AD Waves of tribesmen invade Austria

1156 The Holy Roman Emperor makes Austria a Duchy

1282 Albert of Habsburg becomes Duke of Austria

1438 The Duke of Austria becomes Holy Roman Emperor

1529 The Turks besiege Vienna

1576-1612 Rudolf II persecutes Protestants

1683 The Turks besiege Vienna again

1740 Maria Theresa becomes Empress of Austria

1806 Napoleon dissolves the Holy Roman Empire

1815 Klemens Metternich becomes foreign minister

1848 A wave of revolutions washes across the Austrian Empire. Metternich resigns.

1866 Austria is defeated by Prussia

1914 The heir to the Austrian throne is assassinated

1918 The Austrian Empire disintegrates and the emperor resigns

1934 Dollfuss the Austrian chancellor is shot

1938 Germany absorbs Austria

1945 A provisional government is established in Austria

1955 Austria becomes independent again. Austria joins the UN.

1995 Austria joins the EU

1999 Austria joins the Euro